Xcelerate Custom kernel for the Yu Yureka

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We haven’t really covered kernels here in this website for so long as I can remember. This is primarily because Kernel flashing is something that is restricted to only the very pro flashers; as flashing a wrong kernel would mean from a permanent hard brick to damaging critical hardware components of your device. But, yet, here we are with a custom kernel for the Yu Yureka. And that’s because sometimes there comes a kernel so good that it is almost criminal to not cover it! Those who have been using the Yu Yureka for the past month or so know of the major gripes of the device. While it runs on some very capable hardware beneath the hood yet the Yureka runs disgracefully hot. In fact, in my unit while playing games, the temperatures shot up to nearly 53°C. To remedy all of this and more, we proudly bring you the Xcelerate kernel from the devs at XDA.


Pre requisites

  • Your Yureka must be rooted! To know how follow the link here.
  • You also must have a custom recovery installed!
  • Your battery must be charged to over 80%.
  • A prior flashing experience and ability to deal with soft bricks!


Step 1

Boot into recovery mode. To do so, power off your phone. With the device powered down, hold the Volume Down and Power buttons.

Step 2

Backup your current ROM from your custom recovery.

Step 3

Wipe cache.

Step 4

Navigate to your SD Card and select the kernel zip file. Flash the kernel. (For your convenience we advise that you keep the zip file at the root of your SD card)

Step 5

Reboot. The first boot will take longer than others so don’t panic.

And with that you’ve successfully flashed this custom kernel to your phone. Remember to take a backup so you can always revert back to it should you boot loop.

Short Feature list:

  • Basic Governors
  • Built using  GCC 4.9.x Toolchain(with fixes specifically Aimed at Cortex A53 erratas) built across the standards of Google’s own Toolchain..
  • Simple and no fancy stuff..(more does not guarantee it’s better)
  • Uses a simple free and user friendly application called Synapse by @AndreiLux for configuration purposes(slightly adding more functionality)

We hope you enjoy the kernel on your Yureka guys. And if you have any questions comments or enquiries about this kernel leave them in the comments down below

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  1. rr says

    I have lollipop and cyanogen 12 on my phone – will this work now, as the article is 5 months old ? any new links to updated kernels ?

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