What is Paranoid Android: A Complete Guide

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bubBack from Jelly Bean, Paranoid Android brings it’s amazing ROM to KitKat.

Also coming from Jelly Bean they developed a new philosophy. The PA team believes in keeping the ROM as close to stock as possible yet adding key features that truly change the way the user interacts with their device.

One of these features is PIE.

PIE replaces navigation buttons.

With swipe from the bottom of  the screen you’ll be able to access your home, back, and recent, buttons in a pie looking manner, hence the name PIE.

Another one of these features is Peek.

Peek manages your notifications and allows you to access them faster right from the lock screen.

For example if your phone is in your pocket and a notifications comes in, if within the 10 second period your phone is taken out to access the notification, Peek will be activated and show a display similar too the Moto X’s Active Display.


Hover replaces the famous halo feature that was implemented in PA’s JellyBean ROMs.

Hover brings a new multitasking interface by using floating windows. For example let’s say you’re searching the web and someone texts you.

Hover will now come down in a rectangular box and allow you 5 seconds for you to activate the notification in floating window.

CM 11’s Theme Chooser is also included into the ROM.

The theme chooser allows you to greatly redesign how the whole entire ROM looks using themes, icons, fonts, etc.

CzqspEq5e2HrtD-2pL53I20pM6f_iK4GfiZqtaGaStcThese are just some of the helpful features of this ROM. And they are all implemented keeping the minimalistic look of stock ROM. Up to this date Paranoid Android is still being developed and improved by the devs through weekly updates.

PA officially supports only Nexus and Oppo devices, however there is a Legacy Device community in which the ROM is ported to devices such as the Galaxy S3, Moto X, M8, and many more.

To install Paranoid Android you must clear data and cache and flash the ROM then the latest Gapps according to the Android Version of that build. Make sure your recovery is updated and supports KitKat flashing. And make sure the ROM you are flashing is compatible with your device.

Paranoid Android Account : https://plus.google.com/u/0/+ParanoidAndroidCorner/posts

Paranoid Android Website : http://paranoidandroid.co/

Paranoid Android Community : https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/112514149478109338346

Legacy Device Website : http://goo.im/devs/aospa_legacy

Legacy Device Community : https://plus.google.com/u/0/communities/103106032137232805260

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