Update your Xiaomi Mi 3 to Lollipop 5.0.2 with the CyanogenMod

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The Xiaomi Mi 3 has been an incredibly popular phone both in the Indian and in the other markets where it has been launched. The primary reason behind that has been stellar hardware at a very affordable pricepoint. But it comes loaded with MIUI and that’s not everybody’s cup of tea.

Adding insult to injury is the fact that the Mi 3 runs on the now defunct, Kitkat. So to alleviate all your woes we are here with the latest version of android, Lollipop in the form of CyanogennMod.

But as always, before we begin; a few warning words. Romming a phone always entails some risks. We here at www.androidrooting.org take no responsibility for your device if it is anyhow damaged in the process described below.

With that out of the way, let’s get cracking. The bugs are first up, and as you can see for yourself they are really not that major.

Not Working

  1. NFC
  2. USB OTG
  3. Video recording through the included camera often leads to force stops. Using any other camera app is a good way to circumnavigate this issue.
  4. Random reboots in some devices.

Still with us? Good, now let’s go over the things we will be needing.


  • Your Xiaomi Mi 3 must be rooted. To know how to root your device, click on this link
  • You must have a Custom Recovery Like ClockWork Mod or TWRP installed on your device. To know how to install a custom recovery click on this link.
  • Your device must be charged over 80%.
  • Common sense and the ability to follow instructions!!


There are two versions of this ROM available a Deodexed version and an Odexed version. To put it simply, the Deodexed version is better for theming using mods and the Odexed version is much more optimised and speedy. Take whichever one best suits your needs. If you wish to know more about this hit me up in the comments. There is another ROM based on AOSP without the CM modifications. If you would like to see that click here.

Step 1

Power off the phone.

Step 2

Boot into recovery. Hold the volume up and power button till the Mi logo comes up. Then continue holding till the CWM recovery logo comes up. Release the buttons.

download (1)

Step 3

Factory Reset. Then wipe all the cache partitions. Finally proceed to format the system.


Step 4

Flash the downloaded ROM zip. Wait a bit for the device to finish flashing the system.

Step 5

Navigate to the Install zip option. Click on it and navigate to where you’ve stored the GAPPs file. Install GAPPs

Step 6

Reboot. The first boot takes some time, please do not panic.

Congratulations!! You have successfully updated your I 3 to the latest version of androi Lollipop 5.0.2 . We hope you enjoy this tasty treat from Google as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. Sound off in the comments below for queries and questions.

Below are a few screenshots of the ROM.

XdO6Dud yAabVBc (1) 2EDcljN 19h0Ow5 O2xIjzr orNrOOl q3ENiJh QnuFGSM rhP7dUZ rmmkht TDNcoG9 VrRFE4k WGQqN8I WVkWvTQ

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        • Amartya says

          You updated from which version of MIUI? try doing a data and cache reset from the recovery and flash Gapps again and do another data ad cache reset

          • Madhusudanan says

            latest version v6.2 received by ota. i did factory reset, dalvik cache wipe. tried three times. starts to work ok. but after few hours reboots and goes to boot loop and becomes very hot. battery is drained quickly

        • Amartya says

          Weird issue, I haven’t seen this one yet in this CM build….can you download System Monitor from the play store check the processes and tell me if the phone is not going into deep sleep?

      • Aksha says

        Root access possibly lost? what should I select bro? I’m in the middle don’t know what to choose pls reply ASAP

        • Aksha says

          Oki.. I chose No. Then I had to install the Gapp but it didn’t get success.. Ended up the following error “Insuffient storage space on system partition” What should I do ? Is it ok to continue with that error or should I go back to my old from the back up..

  1. Aksha says

    I reverted back to my Old ROM from the backup :( 8 gb free space is there.. Any suggestion is there to install the ROM? Actually I tried with Micro Gapps

  2. Amartya says

    Okay I cheeked back with the dev and he says some of the devices have been facing random reboots that will be corrected in future versions.
    Mine was a Mi 3 from China and that is probably why the no reboots. Anyway I will update the post with new links whenever a New ROM becomes available. Thank you Guys :)

  3. asher says

    Random reboots are not a big problem..they can be solved through superSUA..IHAVE beeen using ut since a month no prob at all

    • Amartya says

      Odexed, I don’t really like long boot times, and the person who uses the phone, (not my daily driver) doesn’t customise at all.

  4. Madhusudanan says

    Not enough space to install gapps . I used pa_gapps-modular-pico(uni)-5.0.1-BETA5-20141225-signed.zip size 37599KB. I formatted system and installed cm-12-20150103-UNOFFICIAL-cancro.zip. It is working ok. But cannot install the gapps

  5. Madhusudanan says

    I installed gapps-lp-20141109-signed.zip. No errors during installation. But nothing installed. no play store, not able to add Google account

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