Update the Sony Xperia U with Android 4.4 KitKat

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So you are here to Update Sony Xperia U to android 4.4 Kitkat. This is not official Android update on Sony Xperia U. The Sony Xperia U is fairly priced device and has a quite cool specs with the multi colored touch button panel at the bottom, which is of course one of a kind. The device is nice ridged and very responsive when talking about the smoothness of using the Phone.


The device has not been updated after its in pack sale. So its users are very much offended with the device. So we are the game changers on the internet who can help you Update and run the Android 4.4 on your Sony Xperia U.

Pre-requisites to Update Sony Xperia U to Android 4.4 Kitkat

There are a few things that you must know before starting with the process to update Sony Xperia U to android 4.4 kitkat.

  • Make sure you have 75% and more battery so that your device doesn’t goes out of battery and harm itself when into updation process.
  • Also make sure you have made a manual backup for all the contacts and your SMS. Also you can use Applications like Titanium backup to get the backup into your internal memory.
  • Make sure you have rooted your Device and also must have installed a Custom Recovery onto your device.
  • You must know how to use a Custom Recovery.

After you have read and implemented above, you can proceed to download the required files into your PC.

Downloads Required to Update Sony Xperia U to Android 4.4

Once you have downloaded the files you can simply get to the next part of the tutorial.

How to Update Sony Xperia U to Android Kitkat 4.4 via CynogenMod.

Lets make this very clear right here. The procedure below is a bit risky if not done correctly so if you are in a state where you can not actually concentrate or think a bit. then you must a find some free time in your schedule and do it in that time. Any small mistake in the process can lead to damage your device.

So starting of with he process just carefully read the Steps and then implement them after reading at least twice.

  • Extract the files fro the fastboot folder that you have just downloaded to any folder on the desktop.
  • Unzip the “Xperia U CM11 firmware” which contains the “boot.img” kernel file then save it to the fastboot folder, this is actually the folder the one in which you have extracted the fastboot files.
  • Connect the device to your PC with the USB cable.
  • Make sure you have USB debugging as ON by going into settings and developers options.
  • Copy and past the CM 11 and the Google Apps .zip files to the memory of your Sony Xperia U.
  • Disconnect Your Smartphone from the Computer now.
  • Switch off your Sony Xperia U.
  • Now Press the Volume Up button continuously while connecting your Sony Xperia U again to the PC.
  • The LED of your device will turn Blue.
  • Now open the Fastboot folder on your PC. Now Right click and open Command Window.(try pressing shift and then press right click)
  • Type the command below into the window.
    fastboot flash boot boot.img
  • In a few seconds you will see the command window will say “finished”.
  • Now Press the Volume Down key continuously while diconnecting your Device from PC.
  • Now you will enter the Recovery mode of your Device.
  • Now GO and make a Full data Wipe or Factory Reset.
  • Also wipe cache partition
  • Go to Advanced and then wipe delvik cache.
  • Now Choose Install zip From SD card. Choose the CM11 file from your memory.
  • Now confirm installation., After the installation you have to repeat the same process with the Google Apps file.
  • Now you have Updated your Device to Android 4.4

Just Reboot your device. Remember the 1st Boot will take a fw minutes and then the next boot will be as normal as before.

Eureka !

Just Comment if you have any issues in  Updating !

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