Update the Galaxy S2 to Android Lollipop with CyanogenMod 12

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The galaxy S2 was the beginning of Samsung’s rise to the top of the Android ecosystem as the top OEM. The hardware remains relevant even to this day and it’s an all round solid performer. But true to their nature, Samsung has deserted this once flagship phone and yet again the devs at XDA have rescued it. Now the good devs of the CyanogenMod community have given us Lollipop for the S2, so let’s find out how to install the latest update from Google on the S2.


Pre Requisites

  • Your phone is rooted
  • You have a custom recovery installed.
  • Your phone’s battery is more than 80% charged.
  • Re-partitioning is advised but not essential.

System Repartitioning:

You can flash this ROM on your stock system partition but it is recommended to have 1GB System Partition as ART runtime requires more space. also, it’s advisable to have more space on system partition if you would like to install standard GAPPS package. The repartition is done to increase the system storage from what it was in the original Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread.

The included PIT Files are for I9100 ONLY.

You will need to flash PIT file in ODIN or heimdal to re-partition the System space, it is recommended to have 1GB System Partition as ART runtime requires more space. for more details about PIT files & re-partitioning through to this link.

Other PIT files cam be downloaded from here.

If you want more information about what PIT files to flash and why you need to increase system partition then don’t hesitate to hit me up in the comments.


You can install “NANO GAPPS” if you haven NOT re-partitioned your system OR you have stock System Partition size.


  • Stock Camera often crashes while recording HD Videos.

Still raring to flash this ROM? Then le’s get on to it.

Installation Instructions for those Coming from 4.4- ROMS

Step 1

Download cm-12-XXXXXXXX-UNOFFICIAL-i9100.zip to your sdcard

Step 2

Make sure you’re using a custom recovery that is Kitkat Compatible, like the latest CWM for the S II.

Step 3

Boot into Recovery using the Volume UP+Power+Home button combo

Step 4

Wipe all your data and cache

Step 5

Flash cm-12-XXXXXXXX-UNOFFICIAL-i9100.zip from sdcard.

Step 6

Optional: Flash Google Apps.zip from sdcard.

Step 7

Reboot, the first reboot takes time, so please be patient and don’t panic.

For thoseComing from previous CM 12 build

Step 1

Reboot to recovery, backup, wipe cache no need to wipe data.


Flash cm-12-XXXXXXXX-UNOFFICIAL-i9100.zip from sdcard



Root: It is now disabled by default on CM12. To enable it go to Settings>Developer Options>Root access and set to Apps only or Apps and ADB.

Updates: Updates to this ROM will be posted in the Original XDA Thread, and you can find them here.

Screenshots :

Screenshot_2014-12-02-03-18-58 Screenshot_2014-12-02-03-19-36 Screenshot_2014-12-02-03-19-56 Screenshot_2014-12-04-03-33-20

There you have it, the complete guide for installing CyanogenMod 12 on the Galaxy S2. If you have any questions or queries leave them in the comment section below. We’d be happy to take a look.

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  1. Robert says

    Nice article…one can take this article and usecit to install the galaxy ski sgh-i727 skyrocket. The only difference I saw was that the skyrocket version was 5.0.2.
    Still a hunk of a cell….thanks for thinking about this flagship too…kudos…..

    • Amartya says

      Yeah the skyrocket has the same internals. BTW this one also has 5.0.2, I just had an old screenshot and decided to use it 😀

  2. praisid says

    Nice article friend. I am on stock JB 4.1.2 with a cwm version I rooted my phone using Odin. How should I update my cwm recovery so that I can install the 5.0.2 version? Pls help.

  3. Shahid iqbal says

    Hi, Amartya
    I have a Samsung Galaxy S2 GT-I9100 Korean. I want to update my android version 4.1.2 to 4.4.4. What should i do. Kindly Help me Step by step :)

    • Amartya says

      Hi, Shahid, before I can help you with it I’d like to ask you one thing. Do you want to install a Touchwiz based ROM or an AOSP ROM on your S2?

  4. Nicolas RAPIN says

    In order to fix the video HD recording use instructions of a XDA post:

    to find it make a google search with : fix-cm12-i9100-camera-video-recording-t2983955

    Here what I have done with success:

    0) Download the file Camera2.apk provided at the adress above (this an old version of the Camera app which works great)
    1) open the AOSP file explorer as root (see parameters of this app to have root access)
    2) goto /system/app/Camera2
    3) move elsewhere or delete the file “Camera2.apk” present in this directory
    4) copy the downloaded “Camera2.apk” to replace the deleted one
    5) Click on the file to launch the apk installer and install it

    Now try the Camera apk: it support landscape, pause during video recording and HD recording !

    Now your lollipop is perfectly operational !!

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