Update Sony Xperia E to Android 4.4.4 KitKat via AOKP ROM

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Sony Xperia E owners your wait is over! Now, you can also update your smartphone to the latest iteration of Android, i.e., Android 4.4.4 KitKat without any hassle. Unfortunately, this is not the official update which you are looking for!

The latest update is brought to you by Unofficial AOKP ROM. AOKP is abbreviated as “Android Open Kang Project” and it not only comprises of all the Stock features, but also some additional features for better customization. So, if you are ready to go then check out the below mentioned guide on How to Update Sony Xperia E to Android 4.4.4 KitKat via AOKP ROM.

Update Sony Xperia E to Android 4.4.4 KitKat via AOKP ROM

Note: Please note that this is the Unofficial ROM and if you flash this ROM, then your device warranty will be void. Also, we are not responsible for any of your damage that may occur while following the below guide due to your disruption. Follow at your own risk.


  • Your smartphone should possess 70 – 80% of charging.
  • Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging. (All Apps > Settings > System > Developer Options and Android Debugging – check box).
  • The phone must be unlocked, rooted and CWM Recover is installed.
  • Ensure you have backed up your important data.

Download Update Files:

How to Update Sony Xperia E to Android 4.4.4 KitKat via AOKP ROM

1) Download above ROM file on your PC and then copy it to your Sony Xperia E memory.

2) Switch off your smartphone.

3) Boot your Sony Xperia E into CWM Recovery mode by pressing and holding “Power button and wait for the Sony logo to come up, then press the Volume Up button several times.”

Note: In the Recovery mode, use the Volume keys to move up/down and the Power key to select a highlighted item.

4) Now, you have to delete all your current data to perform fresh installation.

  • Select “wipe data/factory reset” and “wipe cache partition“ and then go to advanced from there select “wipe Dalvik Cache“.

5) Further, go to the main menu choose “install zip from SD card” > Select ROM File > give Yes for confirmation. The process will take 3-5 minutes to install the ROM so wait for the whole process to complete.

6) Once the ROM file is flashed successfully, choose the GAPPs file and install them in the same way that you installed the ROM.

7) Go back to the main menu and select “reboot system” now.

Congratulations! Your Sony Xperia E is now successfully updated to latest Android 4.4.4 Kitkat version. Surely, you’ll enjoy the KitKat experience with fast and smooth features. Do share your reviews with us via the below comments section. Enjoy

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  1. Prashant says

    Bro when I installed the recovery(cwm) . The battery is showing wrong all the time. It keepsvshowing charging when phone is off and 100% when phone is on. When I installed the aokp Rom, thus problem ia gone but nowbluetooth, WiFi and playstore doesnt work…I hope u will help me..thx in.advance

  2. nirmalkumar says

    u told to download 2 files. but wat s the use of gapps file in this process. u didn’t mention it in tutorial

    • Amartya says

      the Gapps are Google apps and needs to be flashed with the ROM, they contain the Google Play store and other Google apps.
      I have updated the article with the instructions!

  3. anuj soNi says

    i flashed my xperia e with this aokp rom and it worked succesfully for 1 day but after it got switched off due to battery down and now when i put it to charge it boots up upto aokp animation and it reboots again…and now battery won’t even charge so i can put it to fastboot mode

    • Amartya says

      Try this.
      Pull the battery out.
      Connect phone to charger.
      As soon as the led light blinks at the bottom of the phone, plug the battery in.
      This should work. If it doesn’t let me know and I’ll help you further with troubleshooting

  4. shrutik says

    Bluetooth , portable wifi hotspot doesn’t work and also i cannot download any file from broswer it says android.process.media not working

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