Update HTC Desire to Android 4.4.2 KitKat

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The HTC Desire is Phone from an era when android 2.3 was at the best possible place in the world. The device ran on Android 2.3 with a 3.7 inch screen and 252 ppi of density. Being the device be and old mid ranged phone but still the development for this device has taken it to the level where it gets an android Kitkat update, of course the update is unofficial.

The device has been a very remarkable with its screen and the responsiveness of the OS with 576 MB of RAM and 512 mb of ROM. The Graphics are nice to handle a few games but when talking about HD games then we cant say that Adreno 200 can handle it.


So lets make your HTC Desire’s android to update to Kitkat which is the latest available android available. the process is short and we will be flashing a ROM through any Custom Recovery to update the android version to Kitkat on HTC Explorer.

Pre-Requisites to Update HTC Desire to Android 4.4.2 Kitkat

There are a few things that i would surly lie to tell you before we start with the process to Update the HTC Desire to Kitkat Android 4.4 which is the latest android available. So just go through the process to Update to Kitkat.

  • Make Sure you have rooted your HTC Desire and also Flashed a Custom Recovery over your HTC Desire.
  • Make sure you have a backup of your device, in this case Im talking about a full backup for your device which can be done by using applications like titanium backup.
  • Also your device needs to be charged more than 80% as the process can also take longer than expected so to avoid any kind of issue or problems you can be at a safe side by just charging your device.
  • Make sure your device Model is A8181. You can confirm this by going into the About Phone in your Settings.
  • Make sure you have USB Debugging ON by again going into your settings.

Lets Get to the download section to Update Android Kitkat On your HTC Desire.

Downloads required to Update HTC Desire to Kitkat

There are a few downloads that you must have before you proceed with the process further. Also the process cant be done without downloading these Files.

NOw as you have downloaded the above files you can proceed further to the next section that is actually updating your device to Kitkat.

Update HTC Desire to Android 4.4.2 KitKat

The Process to Update your Android 2.1 device to 4.4 android is right here ! Just read the process before you start the process side by side. Be carefull !

  •  Copy all the Files into the Memory card of your device.
  • Now switch off your device,
  • Press Vol down and the power button together and just press this until the device boots into recovery
  • Just make  a factory reset from the recovery.
  • Also now you can make a clear cache partition.
  • Now go to Mounts and storage and format system.
  • Now go back to main menu and choose “install zip from sd card”.
  • select the ROM file. click and confirm install.
  • After installing the same you need to install the G Apps file in together.
  • make sure you install the ROM first.
  • that’s it you have just Updated your device to android 4.4 Kitkat.
  • if your device is stuck on a boot logo then make another factory reset and try again.

Thats it you have successfully Updated HTC Desire to Android 4.4.2 KitKat

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