Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Micromax A110 (Canvas 2)

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Don’t say that you haven’t rooted your Canvas 2 device, if not then you must not be here! And it means that you have already unlocked all the extra tremendous features of Micromax Canvas 2. But that’s not enough, you can redesigned your whole device by installing various Custom ROMs and can able to use new features apart from Stock ROM. Seeing the capability of Micromax Canvas 2, lots of different Custom ROMs are available over internet and to go for one ROM is really a tough task. So, today we have compiled a list of “Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Micromax A110 (Canvas 2)”, which will be very helpful in choosing one of the best!

Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Micromax A110 (Canvas 2)

Top 5 Custom ROMs for Micromax A110 (Canvas 2)

1. CanvaS4 ROM

ROM consisting all the features same as Galaxy S4. This ROM is build so perfectly that you will definitely feel like you are using a Samsung Galaxy S4. Ofcourse, this ROM is developed by XDA developer (dgrules).

Features of CanvaS4 ROM:

  • Stock JB based Rom
  • Fully Galaxy S4 Touchwiz Themed
  • Galaxy S4 Weather Widget
  • Galaxy S3 Touchwiz Launcher
  • Galaxy S4 Bootlogo(THE ORIGINAL)
  • Samsung Bootanimation
  • Galaxy S4 Styled Settings.apk
  • Galaxy S4 Dialer
  • Galaxy S4 Themed SystemUI(Worked a lot on it)
  • Galaxy S4 Styled Stock Lockscreen
  • Ported Galaxy Touchwiz Clock.apk(fully working now)
  • SMemo
  • Galaxy S4 My Files
  • Galaxy S4 Icons
  • Galaxy S4 Themed Music Player(+the Music Widget)
  • Call recording on stock callscreen(by pressing options button)
  • Galaxy S4 Battery icon
  • Bravia Engine 2
  • Loads of Build.prop tweaks
  • And much more…

Get the CanvaS4 ROM from here.

2. Megamax ROM

If you want the clean ROM with all the necessary apps and great user interface then try out “Megamax Custom ROM for Micromax A110″. Here is the list of features available in it.

Features of Megamax ROM:

  • All Bloats Removed
  • Pre-Rooted
  • Zipalingned
  • Deodexed
  • Super user added
  • Aroma Installer options
  • Various launchers
  • List of great Music Players and Video players
  • Browsers
  • Innovative Battery icons
  • Handy Keyboards
  • OTG Updater
  • Ad Blocking
  • More Productive Apps
  • LMT PIE navigation
  • Power Options

Get the Megamax ROM from here.


Want the new look with great UI then definitely go for SUVI ROM for Micromax A110. Some most interesting features are Customized Themed rom, Touchwiz based, packed with smoothness, awesome UI and power. Other than that, more features are listed below!

Features of SUVI ROM:

  • Super smooth, no lags
  • 200+ MB free ram
  • Quadrant score 3000+ always (I got 3200 also)
  • Very good gaming performance, no lags found
  • Proximity improved
  • Nice Samsung S3 TouchWiz launcher
  • Samsung S3 TouchWiz theme
  • Samsung S3 bootanimation and logo
  • Ultimate battery backup
  • More than 2 days (moderate usages)
  • Reported to get lock in 5 seconds
  • Built in Quality sound without any external script/engines
  • Odexed
  • Pre-rooted
  • Updated SU binary/ SU app
  • Built in camera patch 12 MP back and 1.3 MP front
  • And many more…

Get the SUVI ROM from here.


If you’re Xperia devices lover, then here is the Xperia Z Themed Lewa Custom ROM for Micromax A110. The ROM is incurred with two best features, i.e., Smoothness and Customization’s, and that what users needed!

MMXZJB ROM Features:

  • ANDROID 4.1.1
  • Xperia Z Launcher
  • Xperia Z Movies
  • Xperia Z Albums
  • Xperia Z Wallpapers
  • Xperia Z Walkman
  • Xperia Z Widgets
  • Xperia Z Sounds
  • Xperia Z Bootanimation
  • Xperia Z Fonts
  • Xperia Z Album Share
  • Xperia Z Sound Enhancement
  • Xperia Z Keyboard
  • Xperia Icons
  • LMT Launcher
  • Adjust All Background Color to Album Art on Walkman
  • Music Control on Notification
  • Visualizer
  • Clear Bass
  • Clear Stereo
  • Clear Phase
  • Dynamic Normalizer
  • Walkman Music Widget
  • Walkman DLNA
  • Friend Music FB
  • FB Music Like
  • Music Extension for find info on internet
  • Walkman More Stable
  • Bravia Engine 2 for Album & Movies
  • Photo & Video widget
  • Minor Bugs Fixed
  • Added Custom Boot Animation Functionality
  • Faster And Smoother
  • Pre-Rooted
  • Busybox
  • Performance Tweaks
  • Faster Streaming
  • Net Speed Tweaks
  • No Delay In Making Call
  • Battery Tweaks
  • Proximity Tweaks
  • More RAM Free
  • Signal Tweaks
  • Fast Reboot
  • Better Responsiveness & Speed
  • Locked Launcher In Memory
  • Enabled 270 Degree Rotation
  • Ziplagined And Deodexed
  • Gps.config added
  • And Much More…

Get the MMXZJB ROM from here.

5. JellyDream STAR HD ROM

Are you looking for some power packed ROM? Try JellyDream STAR HD Custom ROM for Micromax A110, which is a combination of CyanogenMod for Customization and Beats Audio for best audio quality.

Features of JellyDream STAR HD:

  • Canvas HD looks
  • Cyangenmod System Sounds
  • 12MP Rear Camera and 1.3MP Front Camera.
  • Removed Junk Applications.
  • Some Modifications on Framework/SytemUI.

Get the JellyDrem STAR HD ROM from here.

These are the Top 5 Best Custom ROMs for Micromax A110 (Canvas 2). After going through the list, if you found that your’s best Custom ROM is not listed in the list then do inform us via below comments section as well as don’t forget to mention, which ROM you like the most and why?

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