The two best Nexus 6 mods to enhance the Lollipop experience

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The Nexus 6 is the latest flagship from the Google’s Nexus line of devices. With a gorgeous 6 inch 2K screen this behemoth, fittingly called Shamu, sails on the latest offering from Google, Android L. However even the staunchest Nexus fan would admit stock Android sometimes falls a little short on the software side of things. However this being Android; we can mod it to our liking and make the daily usage of this giant phablet just that tad bit easier with these easy to perform software mods.


Pre Requisites

  • Your phone should be rooted

1) Tap Tap!

Double Tap to wake is one of the best selling features of the LG G2. The Nexus 6 was also supposed to be equipped with it but Google decide to scrap it at the last moment. Fear not though, if you have trouble wielding your beastly Nexus 6 we are here to help.

Download the APK from here.

Install and you’re done.


Warning: Google’s built in implementation of double tap to wake isn’t perfect. It’s likely why it wasn’t enabled out of the box. Some users have indicated that if their device has been sleeping for a while, double tap to wake isn’t always reliable. It is however very unlikely to cause harm to your Nexus 6.

Enable the LED light(s)!

Surprise surprise! The nexus 6 has not just one but two LEDs. One green for charging and another R-G-B for notifications. So we all know Ambient Display and how it all works and what not, but some of us prefer the LED notification light. Well for all of you guys, this tutorial right here can help you out.

Step 1

Make sure “su”/superuser has access granted for all requests

Step 2

In the Lightflow app

  • Choose root mode
  • run every command as root
  • and direct mode.

Step 3

Open lightflow> notification settings>nixer

Once enabled you can set the red, green and blue leds and also set their brightness.

The brightness is has a 255 max value (0 being off) – (255 max brightness) and it should work.

The led won’t flash but you can mix them together to get different colors.


Step 4

You can enable control of the “Charging” LED which is green only. If you use that LED, it’s slightly brighter than using the standard “green” LED.

Also, brightness levels for the Charge LED are variable between 1 and 40. Over 40, it’s no brighter.

The RGB LEDs seem to be on or off. I haven’t seen any difference between brightness 1 and brightness 20 (or any other higher number, I just use 20 because the

/sys/devices/leds-qpnp-f0067200/leds/red/max_brightness file indicates 20 is the max for this LED – it’s 40 for the Charge LED)


Love these tips or know of some more? Leave them in the comments below and we will be sure to cover them in our next instalment.

Source: XDA


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