How to use the Nexus Multiroot tool for OS X and Linux

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/ Nexus devices have been one a dev favourite since their beginning from the original HTC Nexus One. However while the devs are familiar with ADB and fastboot the general public aren’t. However, in recent years, the stellar price point coupled with the fantastic hardware inside has led to the general populous becoming increasingly interested in the Nexus line up. And some of these people don’t have the luxuries of a Windows PC. They use a Linux system or sometimes even Mac OS X. And sadly, due to the low adaptations of these platforms, there is a dearth of rooting tolkits on these platforms. However we here at Android Rooting believe in Google’s motto of “Be together, not the same” and hence we have scoured the Internet to come up with a one click tool that works with Linux/Mac and on all nexus devices released so far.



  • OS X and Linux Compatibility!
  • Unlock and lock your bootloader easily.
  • Root your device with one click!
  • Install TWRP Custom Recovery automatically on your device.
  • Backup and restore your device to and from your compute
  • Easily flash zips and img files without having to boot into recovery mode!
  • Factory reset your device in just a few keystrokes.
  • Various ADB utilities included.
  • Built in updater.
  • Compatible With ALL Nexus Devices!

There are however a few devices that do not work with them, specifically those which don’t have TWRP support

Supported devices

  • Nexus S 4G (d720) — sujus
  • Nexus S (Korea version, m200) — sojuk
  • Nexus S (850MHz version, i9020a) — sojua
  • Nexus S (worldwide version, i9020t and i9023) — soju
  • Galaxy Nexus “toroplus” (Sprint CDMA/LTE) — mysidspr
  • Galaxy Nexus “toro” (Verizon CDMA/LTE) — mysid
  • Galaxy Nexus “maguro” (GSM/HSPA+) — yakju
  • Galaxy Nexus “maguro” (GSM/HSPA+) (with Google Wallet) — takju
  • Nexus Q — tungsten
  • Nexus 7 (Mobile) — nakasig
  • Nexus 7 (Wifi) — nakasi
  • Nexus 4 — occam
  • Nexus 10 — mantaray
  • Nexus 7 [2013] (Mobile) — razorg
  • Nexus 7 [2013] (Wi-Fi) — razor
  • Nexus 5 (GSM/LTE) — hammerhead
  • Nexus 9 (Wi-Fi) — volantis
  • Nexus Player — fugu
  • Nexus 6 — shamu

Installation Instructions

Step 1

Download the shell script onto your Linux or OS X PC.

Click on this link to download.

Step 2

Open a new terminal window

Step 3


chmod 755 /path/to/utility/

Replace ‘/path/to/utility/’ with the actual directory where you have installed the shell script.


Open the script in a terminal window and then follow the instructions on screen to do whatever you wish to!

That’s all for today folks! We will be back tomorrow with another one of the articles on rooting and Romming. till then, if you have any questions queries or comments, leave them in the comment box below! We will be sure to answer them for you.

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