MIUI : A Custom Rom, A ReVolution

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There must be quite a few among you wondering what is Xiaomi and why are we (a rooting site) writing about an OEM manufacturer. Well to answer that question we have to take a look back at history; see what Xiaomi really is and delve into their beginnings in the world of Android.

Android Open Source Project

Android, the mobile operating system, we all know and love was founded in October 2003 in Paolo Alto, California by Andy Rubin and his merry band of developers. Fast forward a few years and in 2005, Google acquired Android Inc. And after 2 years of internal testing, Android was finally out to the general public.

The prevailing smartphones of that time ran on Apple’s iOS, or Windows Phone, Palm OS or Blackberry OS. However Android differed significantly from all these other operating systems in one significant way.

It was open source. That meant that anyone could take the Android Source Code and make it into anything they liked without having to pay Google a single cent.

This is where the entire Android community came into being and along with them came MIUI , a company focussed dedicatedly on making aftermarket custom Roms with their own Android store.


Humble Beginnings : MIUI

The first thing that strikes your mind when you see the name MIUI is yes of course that the name. What an odd name for a Custom Rom you might exclaim! Well, this name actually originates as an amalglamation of two acronyms .  MI stands for Mobile Internet or as Once Xiaomi told Mission Impossible and UI stands for User Interface together it is MIUI .

MIUI began it’s first foray into mobile devices as early as the days of Froyo. Xiaomi used the CyanogenMod 6 sources  along with AOSP sources and created their heavily modified custom Ui or MIUI.

First MIUI Rom on Froyo
First MIUI Rom on Froyo

 The Journey so Far

Since then MIUI has been churning up custom ROMS and their very latest version is running on 4.4.2 Kitkat. Here is a quick look at their landmark achievements so far.

MIUI versionAndroid versionLast or major
Date of
last release
[collapse]Notable change
V1Up to Android FroyoN/AN/AInitial release
V2Up to Android FroyoN/AN/ARedesigned user interface
V32.3.xN/AN/ARedesigned user interface
V44.0.x – 4.1.x3.2.2222 February 2013Redesigned user interface
V54.1.x – 4.2.x – 4.3.x – 4.4.x4.6.2727 June 2014Redesigned user interface
V64.4.4To Be Announced16 August 2014Redesigned user interface
Old version
Older version, still supported
Latest version
Latest preview version
Future release

 Supported Devices

Now the most important part about any custom Rom is device support. Now this is where Xiaomi really shines and we see that most flagship devices of major OEMs are supported/

Their support includes:

  • All Nexus Devices
  • Samsung Galaxy S and Note Series
  • HTC All major phones of the m series and Butterfly series
  • Motorola Defy range
  • Sony phones
  • LG G2 and other older flagships
  • And companies like Mcromax Huawei and others as well

Click here for a complete look at al supported devices.


Click here to know how to install this Rom.

Claim to Fame:

So why is MIUI so famous because of it’s incredibly colourful versatile UI with lots of features. Also many claim it looks like iOS with it’s app drawer less style. Here are a complete list of features for MIUI the latest version

Feature list

  • Calll and Messaging services with priority Inbox
  • Free Cloud messaging
  • Mi Cloud
  • Mi Store with themes and fonts to completely change the look
  • Online resources
  • Unique swipe to reveal widgets
  • OTA Updates
  • Highly customisable
  • Unique Camera Software

This is a video showcasing MIUI and it’s salient features.

This was a  lowdown on MIUI one of the best custom rom manufacturers out there.

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If you have any other queries relating to MIUI or you want a flashing tutorial for your phone on MIUI leave a comment below.

Here is their official site Xiaomi.

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