How To Enable ‘Ok Google” Anywhere on Android Phone

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Have you ever wanted the efficiency of Motorola’s Touchless Control, but didn’t have a Moto Device? Now you can with the new Google Now.

Google has started rolling out a new Google Search Update. In this update you will be able to use the hotword “Okay Google” anywhere on your screen including your lock screen. This update is going by account rather than apk so it may take time before it arrives to you. However, there is a way to force it.

Note: It requires root and doesn’t work on L.

Steps to Enable OK Google Anywhere

1. First you need the updated apk  for Google Play Service and Google Search. After you’ve downloaded them to your phone go to Settings > Security and make sure unknown sources is check so that you will be able to install the apks.

2. Next you must make sure English is your set language for Google Now. To do so go to the Google Now and swipe down to the bottom and enter the settings. Now go into Voice and change the Language to English (US).

3. Now you need to enable debug/dogfood settings using UnleashtheGoogle. Once opened the app will ask for root privileges and then enable debug/dogfood.

4. Now go into Settings > Apps > Google Search  and then click force stop.

5. Now go back into the Google Search Settings and you will see new settings there. Under debug, enter config flags. Make sure e300_voice_everywhere and enable_e300.

6. Then scroll down to speaker_id_supported_locales and make sure en-US is inside there.

7. Finally go to the Voice Settings and click “Okay Google” Detection and the updated settings should be there.

The two settings allow you to use Okay Google from any screen and lock screen. You have to train your voice in order for Google Now to recognize your voice, somewhat similar to the Moto X configuration.

To train your voice you must say “Okay Google” three times. If you want retrain your voice delete the voice model.

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