Install MIUI v5 Android 4.4 Kitkat on Google Nexus 4

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Ok, the Android One phones are the new kids on the block but it’s been and always be the Nexus devices that’ll be the first to carry forward the Vanilla Android blood across generations of Android. Undoubtedly, the Nexus 4 being the most beautiful Nexus phone ever is a special child. The phone brought LG back into the game and gained a spot as one of the most beloved devices on any developer’s list. Therefore, we have an Official build of MIUI v5 up here ready to be flashed onto your devices!


MIUI v5 is an aftermarket firmware developed by the MIUI community and widely used as the stock firmware for Xiaomi devices. Xiaomi has been on a roll very recently and MIUI has always been the favorite when it comes to please the user. It’s a heavily skinned UI with some nice tricks of it’s own and with this build having almost every thing working, you’re just steps away from having this beautifully crated User Interface onto your Nexus 4!

Done with that, let’s have a look at how you can get this ROM running on your Nexus 4.

How To Install MIUI v5 on Google Nexus 4:

  1. Make sure you have backed up all the data and have a custom recovery ready on your device that’ll be required to complete the flashing process.
  2. Download the ROM file and the Gapps File(Optional).
  3. Put the files downloaded above in the root folder(preferable) of your sd card.
  4. Boot your phone up in recovery mode(Generally using Vol Up+Power Buttons).
  5. In the recovery mode try navigating using the Volume keys and for selection, use the Power key.
  6. Now in the recovery mode, wipe all the data/ Do a factory reset for a clean installation
  7. Now go to “Install zip from sd card” (We mean the external SD card here!).
  8. Select the ROM zip file that you downloaded in the above step and proceed to flash it.
  9. Now go back and flash the Gapps file package in a similar fashion!
  10. From the recovery menu, Click “Reboot System Now”.
  11. Sit back and relax, You’re home fella!

If you’re done with all the steps in the order they’ve been given above, you’ll land up on the MIUI setup wizard in a few minutes as the first boot usually takes around 2 minutes depending upon the ROM and your phone’s hardware. Just keep you calm and enjoy the ROM.

For more on this,do leave us a word in the comments section or head over to the original thread via this link.

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