Install CyanogenMod 12 Android 5.0 Lollipop Custom ROM On Your LG Optimus G

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The Snapdragon S4 Pro running LG Optimus G has been undoubtedly one of the most important devices for LG in terms of sales as well as getting them into the Nexus line of devices. The highly acclaimed Nexus 4 was based on the Optimus G which is a proof that the original was no slouch !! The device looked good and had enough of fire-power inside the hood to play off quite fairly across various flavours of the Android confectionery.

However, with no signs of an official Android Lollipop update for the device, the users can do nothing but resort to custom ROMs. Luckily, we have one such ROM right here for you, stable, updated on a daily basis and ready to be flashed onto your phones!


Since this is an official Cyanogenmod build, you can expect the ROM to be a generous enough installation to serve as a daily driver for you. You’ll be needing the following files to start up with:

  1. Cyanogenmod ROM file.
  2. Gapps file for installation of Google Apps and Services.

Please make a note that before proceeding, you should have a Custom Recovery installed and running on your phone to flash the above files.

Done with all the talking, let’s begin with the flashy stuff!

How To Install CyanogenMod 12 Android 5.0 Lollipop Custom ROM on your LG Optimus G:

  1. Place the files downloaded above in the root folder of your phone’s memory.
  2. Boot your phone in Recovery mode.
  3. Try Navigating around in the recovery mode by using the Volume keys. To make a selection, use the power key.
  4. Now to make the installation hassle free, we would suggest you to have all your data backed up before you proceed.
  5. Wipe all the data and do a Factory Reset for a clean installation(Recommended to avoid memory issues!).
  6. Now go to “Install zip from SD card” and select the ROM zip file that you placed in the root folder in step #1.
  7. Proceed to flash the file on the follow up screen.
  8. Done with that, flash the gapps file in a similar fashion.
  9. Now go back to the recovery menu and reboot your phone.

Note that this reboot might take a bit longer than usual as the phone needs to finish the installation of files for your new installation. Once done, you’ll lad up on the Android setup wizard screen and voila! You’re all set to go!

In case of any suggestions/queries, drop us a line in the comments section. Happy To Help!

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