Install Cyanogen Mod on your Xiaomi Mi4

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The Mi 4 is the latest offering from the Apple of China that is Xiaomi. However, this great piece of hardware comes with MIUI on board. While  MIUI has plenty of options for theming and changing the complete look and feel of your phone, Android Purists often argue that stock Android look better and more polished.

So if you had enough of MIUI and are on the lookout to put a stock Google look and feel on your phone, you’ve come to the right place. Now while stock Android ie. AOSP comes in various forms, CyanogenMod is clearly the leader of this pack of after-market firmware options.


But before we begin a few warning words. Romming a phone always entails some risks. We here at take no responsibility for your device if it is anyhow damaged in the process described below.

With that said, this procedure has been used successfully to install CyanogenMod many times, so without any more ado let’s get right into it.

Pre requisites

  • Your Mi 4 must be charged over 80%.
  • Your phone must be rooted. To know how to root your phone click here.
  • You also must have a custom recovery installed. Click here to see how.


The process described below is for those users who have TDB (True Dual Boot) enabled while flashing their custom recovery. If you do NOT have TDB enabled, then please skip Step 4 and Step 7 only

Step 1

Backup your Apps and settings (photo songs and files on SD not needed) with your backup app of choice. You can use Titanium Backup or the in-built Mi Backup app.

Step 2

Download CyanogenMod and GAPPs on your PC and move them to the root of the SD Card on your phone

Step 3

Boot into recovery.

To do this: Hold the volume up and power button together till the CWM Logo appears.

download (1)

Choose the system partition where you want to install cyanogenmod 11.

Step 4

Browse under advanced and enable True Dual Boot (TDB)**

Step 5

Now go back to default screen and select install zip from sdcard, choose first cm11-[date] and install it.

Step 6

If you want GAPPs choose install zip from sdcard and choose file.

Step 7

Move to the advanced menu and select choose default boot system, and select the one where you’ve just installed CyanogenMod. Then reboot system.

Step 8

The first boot will be longer, don’t worry

Step 9


And there you have it CM on your Xiaomi Mi4. Sound off in the comments below if you’ve any questions or queries, I’d be happy to answer them for you.

**TDB has been known to cause some random reboots when paired with the latest beta releases of MIUI v6

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