Install AOSP Android 5.0 Lollipop on Xiaomi Mi3

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The Xiaomi Mi3 is a people’s champ. Although there is not wrong in mistaking it for one of the most popular droids of the season so far, the Xiaomi Mi3 is a loved one. Boasting a Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 under the hood, the sleek and stylish flagship device is one hell of a serious campaigner.

Meanwhile, it also enjoys equal amount of love that it’s been receiving over the development forums.

The Xiaomi Mi3 runs on Android 4.4 Kitkat as stock and is promised to have a Lollipop update but tell me one thing, When you have a device with such hardware, Are you really going to wait that long?


Ivan, a Xiaomi developer has worked out this successful Android Lollipop port for the Mi3 and to your very surprise, the port is very much functional and in fact, it can be a preferable daily driver too! Here’s a pack of screenshots for your eyes to feast upon:

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Please Note That Since this ROM is still under development, a few hiccups could be there anyways. Keep calm and believe in the developers, they do work hard everyday to keep this bugs in check.

Before you begin, assure that you’ve backed up all your data and downloaded the ROM zip file and the recovery from the official thread(Xiaomi account required).

How To Install AOSP Android Lollipop on Your Xiaomi Mi3:

  1. Make sure you have backed up all the data and have a custom recovery ready on your device that’ll be required to complete the flashing process.
  2. Put the files downloaded above in the root folder(preferable) of your sd card.
  3. Boot your phone up in recovery mode(Generally using Vol Up+Power Buttons).
  4. In the recovery mode try navigating using the Volume keys and for selection, use the Power key.
  5. Now in the recovery mode, wipe all the data/ Do a factory reset for a clean installation.
  6. Booted up in stock recovery, choose “Install”. This will flash a custom recovery on your device.
  7. Reboot to the freshly installed recovery.
  8. Now go to “Install zip from sd card” (We mean the external sd card here!).
  9. Select the ROM zip file that you downloaded in the above step and proceed to flash it.
  10. Flash the Gapps zip file in a similar fashion. This helps you runs all the Google services on your fresh installation.
  11. From the recovery menu, Click “Reboot System Now”.
  12. Sit back and relax, You’re home fella!

If you’ve gone through all the steps mentioned above in the order they’ve been given, you’ll land up on the Homescreen of your Cyanogenmod installation in a few minutes as the first boot usually takes around 2 minutes depending upon the ROM and the hardware. Just keep you calm and enjoy the ROM.

For more on this, you can drop us a word in the comments section. Happy to help!

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