Install Android 4.1.2 Official Jelly Bean On Galaxy S Advance I9070

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Owing a old Android version Smartphone is really a too bad experience. Same with Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070 running on Android 2.3.6, which is too old version of Android OS. Do you want to update your Samsung Galaxy S Advance I9070 to Android Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Official Firmware? Then follow this post carefully.

Install Android 4.1.2 Official Jelly Bean On Galaxy S Advance I9070

Today, in this article I will show you the easiest way to Install Android 4.1.2 On Galaxy S Advance I9070. If you are ready then follow the steps below.

Disclaimer: We have not developed this ROM, so if anything happens to your phone or some functionality are not working then don’t blame us! As this is the latest official build so it might happen that do not face any problem, try at your own risk.


1. Your mobile should have 70 – 80% battery

2. Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging (All apps > Settings > Manage Applications > Development > USB Debugging – check box)

3. Ensure you have backed up your important data.

Step by Step Guide on:

How to install Android 4.1.2 Official Jelly Bean.

Step 1: Download Android 4.1.2 Official Jelly Bean on Galaxy S Advance I9070 and extract it on desktop.

Step 2: Download Odin v1.85 to flash Android 4.1.2 Official Jelly Bean and extract it on desktop.

Step 3: Now, switch off your phone to boot it into Odin/Download mode by pressing and holding Volume down + Home + Power Key (long Press), till you see the Android Logo on screen. And then press the Volume Up key to enter download mode.

Step 3: Open the “Odin.exe” and then connect your phone to computer via USB cable. As soon as you connect, ID:COM box in Odin turns light green/yellow.

Step 4: Now select the files as per below instruction to install  Jelly Bean on your Galaxy S Advance. Files are found to be from the extracted folder.

  • Click on “PDA” and select file with “CODE” in its name.
  • Click on “Phone” and select file with “MODEM” in its name. (Note: Ignore this step if you don’t able to find such file)
  • Click on “CSC” and select file with “CSC” in its name. (Note: Ignore this step if you don’t able to find such file)
  • Click on “PIT” and select “.pit” file. (Note: Ignore this step if you don’t able to find such file)

Step 5: Make sure that only F. Reset Time and Auto Reboot boxes are checked on Odin. Don’t check any other boxes.

Step 6: Click on Start button on Odin to start installation process. It will take upto 5 – 8 minutes, so please wait for the installation finish.

Step 7: Finally, you will get PASS! Notification on the ID: COM box and then your device will reboot automatically and now you can unplug your phone from computer.

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  1. Amr Yassen says

    when I hit the start button the progress stops at “initialization” step no more actions happen

  2. Ales says

    my phone had been unplugged during upgrading now it doesn’t work at all even recovery mode doesn’t work

    • veritovdr says

      you should never unplugg a phone when you are flashing a Rom! why did you do that !? If it doesnt enter in recovery mode is broken

    • Shnookie says

      Just buy a Samsung download jig (or make one yourself), take out the battery, plug in the jig, replace the battery and turn on the phone to get to download mode again.
      Using Odin update the software as usually and all will be right again.

  3. anvar says

    after update its not restarted automatiacaly,only blank screen long time ,then i tried to reboot nothing happend, now its not power on even not entering to recovery mode
    please help

  4. Beryl says

    hey hiee, m thinking of purchasing this model so after goin through various shops & finding out the price & stuff, m really confused. I came accross 1 shop where they had the new version ie 4.0 Icecream-sandwich. but i want jellybean so this shopkeeper told me that i can buy the 2.3 version & update it for free in service center. but i came accross various comments that say the cell lags a lot after the update…. so now m confused….! pls help me out….

  5. vinay says

    When i connect to computer withdata cable after open odin n download mode bt my phone is not shown in odin

  6. adil niazi says

    My samsung S advance keeps getting switched off for no apparent reason….can some one suggest a cure for this problem

  7. Nouvalvite says

    how can i print screen? when i pressed home+power button as usual, nothing happen. i checked at the folder for printed screen. nothing. please

  8. says

    I ‘m using Samsung s advance.
    I got my mobile upgrades with jelly bean 4.1.2. Officially. Now I ‘m facing following problems.
    1. Eventually my cell gets hang up.
    2. Overall performance of mobile is worst.
    3. Battery is getting drain within 3 to 4 hrs
    4. Even Low definition game is not running smoothly.
    5. Video songs can not be played. If I play videos mobile gets hang up till video gets over

  9. dnyaneswar says

    my galaxy advance upgraded with jelly beam 4.1.2 but my phone book is not responding it gets much time to dispaly pleasez give me solution

  10. raman says

    i am update my s advance software and phone restart but phone not start i am try swich on botten and voluum up but not start plz sir help me plz

  11. Kushal says

    Thanks guys.

    I find he phone has become slower.
    Especially when I open multiple apps, it hangs, and I can’t do anything.

    Also my 3g network is not working now. Wifi is fine, but my 3g has stopped working.
    I got new settings from Airtel, and restarted my phone like 1000 times. Still the same problem.
    Please help.

  12. says

    I tried to update my software of galaxy s advance through gprs network and after some installation process in a blue screen it failed to find some file in a root and shows ‘rebooting’ and my phone never starts. It is neither responding nor connecting to the computer nor start the recovery mode. Please help me to find a solution.

  13. amz says

    bro,my baseband version is dxlk2,jetmod version.can i upgrade just like that ????or i need to find for dxlk2…

  14. calvo says

    hi, thanks a lot and good job bro.
    my phone has one issue however. after the update i cant use the sim carrier i used to (safaricom), i can only use the other carriers available in my country.
    is there a solution to this?

  15. says

    q: after i etracted files from the downloaded JB i cant find the file with “code”..there are 8 files listed but none of them with code writen..pls help

  16. Shyam Bajaj says

    I have upgraded my samsung s advance I9070 to jellybean 4.1.2 but now mobile is getting hanged everytime. I am fed up with this upgradation.
    Kindly advice

  17. Saphire says

    You should do this site.

    type in google
    ” [ Solved ] How to Downgrade JB 4.1.2 to GB 2.3.6 ”
    go to the first thing that pops up at google
    and follow step by step

    Hope it will help. My phone was bricked once and I repaired it with this site

  18. Ramesh says

    dear sir
    i have samsung s advance phone, i have updated jb 4.1.2 it is downloading but phone is not on
    please tell me suggestion if i press volume up & power & home button it is not going to wipe data reset also totally phone is switch off
    please suggest

  19. Akbar Ali says

    Dear Brother
    My mobile baseband version is I9070JBLK2 possible to change upgrade to jellybean
    pls reply

  20. Edward says

    I have a problem with my Samsung galaxy advance 19070. My power button was giving me a problem to turn my phone on and off so I took it to a repair shop to get it fix but instead the messed it up it is showing error messages and it wont turn on or off unless when i take the battery out and i have to plug it into the power supply before I can see “firmware upgrade encountered an issue please select recovery mode and try again”. I have looked for help and tried all the ODIN stuff but its not responding at all please help

  21. Mohsin Patel says

    Dear Sohail Bhai,

    I have galaxy S advance. from the phone setting i have checked the software update and i found then phone asked me to update so i have started to update but i dont know whats gone wrong and my phone is totally not responding like it is dead. please give me solution ASAP. thank you so much in advance.

  22. apple says

    after updating to 4.1.2 with a baseband of GT-I9070 it was lagging at all times… can you please give me a real good solution for this problem i have encountered at all times.. thanks

  23. apple says

    sorry it was incomplete.. this is with a baseband version of GT-I9070DXAMD1.. Thanks.. Will wait for your kindest reply.. Im also from Philippines..

  24. Christian says

    Hello. I am doing this on my S Advance and i cant find the CSC, CODE, MODEM and PIT files anywhere? Can someone help me? The 400++MB file only had and MD5 file in it. Please help me.

  25. Kunal says

    After update to jelly bean 4.1.2, my device lags most of the times. It shows the message- “you are running out of ram”. Is there any trick to make jelly bean faster on this device or I should revert it back to Gingerbread OS.. ?? Plz reply to my post. Plz help me.

  26. mohinder says

    sohail bhai

    mere pass dell xcd 35 aur mai ise update karna chata hu tum bata sakte ki isme kaun andriod version install ho sakta h latest

  27. Tengku says

    Brother, greetings

    i am from malaysia and i bought this phone here.. so the sales code is XME .. can i still use it? since the download file u gave is the XTE version from the philippines..

    by the way my baseband ver. is I9070DXLK2 .. will it work? just asking brother..

  28. ajay says

    I tried updating my phone via odin, Odin said PASS but my phone didnt start, it was not even entering download mode. nothing happens when pressing vol+home+power. I had to take it to samsung service center. They said the warranty is void due to rooting and the motherboard needs to be replaced. The estimate of repairs is Rs 5500

  29. Noushad says

    Hello Brother my s advance baseband version is 9070JPLK2 is it support or not. please share me your valuable information…. thank you very much

  30. sreekumar says

    Dear sohil,
    I am using S Advance, (GT-19070) with baseband version I9070DDLK2; can i upgrade from present Ginger bread2.3.6 to Jelly Bean 4.1.2 ?
    I am from Kerala. Will the phone perform well after software upgradation ?

  31. jamayathulla says

    iam using samsung galaxy s advance i9070 i want to update my mobile to jelly bean my base band version is 9070dxld1 pls send me link to download pls pls pls

  32. Bharat Soni says

    i had updated my s advance to 4.1 jelly bean curent base band version is i9070XXLQ4 phn works well but some tym it hangs. when i play a video or when i am using an app. i had wiped the data and also wiped the cache partition but still it hangs sometym do u have a sollution

  33. Bharat Soni says

    suppose i root my phn wil it help to improve the perfomance or not
    and aftr rooting i want to create aN external hardware. want to connect a pendrive to the mob via otg cable is it possible on i9070 mail me ur rply
    and wad abt costom roms it helps or not

  34. Amit says

    I have tried the process which you have said to update galaxy s advance to Jelly beanbut unfortunately it didnt happened.When I put the phone in download mode “custom binary mode” is no.Is this normal?

    Pls help.

  35. Leonard says

    Hello!I want to install this android on my samsung advance too,but the problem is that currently I have no software installed on this phone!So,how can I get odin?!You know,my phone is not working so I can’t install odin…Please HELP me!!!

    • sohil memon says

      Bro you have to download ODin on your PC not on your device. On device just you have to press “Volume Down + Home button + Power Button” for few seconds and you will enter into download mode. That’s it, flashed the file via ODin and you’re done :)
      sohil memon recently posted..How to Root HTC Desire S With EaseMy Profile

  36. Divyesh says

    i m installed a new jelly bean 4.1.2 official version update in my samsung galaxy s advance after that my phone was so hange,, how to solve that problem ? pls tell me reply on my mail ID…

  37. Aftab says

    I am in a big trouble. i try to degrade by the method of upgradaton. I did nt select partition. Now my phone do nt start. It just show its name is the start and then its remains on the screen. plz help me as early as possible….

  38. ihsan says

    i have done factory reset . But my phone is still hanging. It always showing touchwiz nt responding and i have to do restart most times . .

  39. jobaed says

    I have already using jelly bean but after installed jelly bean in my Samsung s advance my phone doing hang and has bean slow than before. now I wanna get back my previous version or someone new that I can use this mobile freely or properly.I hobe u will reply me wid lovely.

  40. Nas says

    Hi Sohil.
    My galaxy s advance comes with the official 4.1.2 jelly bean version. I did not upgrad it, it was by Samsung.
    But, it still hangs when i open 3 and more new windows on the browser and it is so slow to launch apps……and suddenly it shuts down.
    what shall i do with it to solve these problems?
    Thank you.

  41. Dylannn says

    ijust want to know if it works on my phon
    i have an rooted phone wit baseband number : I9070BULD1
    kernel: SE.INFRA@SET-45 #2
    Buildnumber: gingerbread.buld1

    cani just do it or not? let me know ASAP

    thank you so much..

  42. mintu says

    I also have the same problem in note 1 gt-n7000. While installing from OIDN I choose the .tar file in BOOTLOADER instead of PDA and after the installation completes the device goes to blank screen(no Samsung logo but it works in background perfect). I reinstated in download mode (with the blank screen) but no use… pls help me sir

  43. Kavita says

    Hi Sohil, Im not getting code file in PDA. In ODIN folder i have Odin3 v1.85.exe, Odin3.ini, and s1_odin_20100512.pit
    Pls help

  44. Kavita says

    Hey thank u very much. It works well!!! Got the updated Android 4.1.2 on my Galaxy S advanced. Its really nice!! Thank you!

  45. abhas says

    can you tell me which is the official indian jelly bean file for my s advance? my phone specs r:
    Base band: I9070DDLK2
    Kernel version:

    also can you tell me the process of flashing where i do not void the warranty of the phone.. thankyou

  46. Abdul Rahman says

    I have a Samsung gt i9070 still running gingerbread 2.3.6 with a dxlk2 kernel. Can I root my device and is it worth updating the operating system?

  47. says

    Hello , ^_^ i want to ask , how to get the baseband version back ? because i flashed a custom rom and now my baseband version is missing . i did’nt backup it also , how i get back my baseband version , ? Can Someone help me ? #From_Malaysia

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