How to use a 3G Data Connection or Dongle with your Mi Pad

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This is the first of a series of articles I plan to write as I explore the various ins and outs of this new device I have, the glorious Mi Pad! Because of the affordable price point many fellow tech gadget freaks have picked one up and so this is an advanced article on how you can eek out the last bit of performance from your Mi Pad! So let’s embark on this journey!


Pre Requisites


Step 1

You must install PPP Widget from the Play Store.

Step 2

Convert it to system app with Titanium Backup or any other method. Restart the tablet.

Step 3

Place the PPP widget on the widget screen

Step 4

Click configure and put your APN , user and pass and PIN

NB: I removed my pin from the SIM card, but it should work also if the SIM card is pin locked and you put it in the settings if a provider requires it.

Step 5

Disable every setting from the configure screen. and go back to the home screen

Step 6

Disable the WiFi on your tablet.

Step 7

Connect the modem to the OTG cable, and the cable to the pad through the micro USB port at the bottom

Step 8

Wait around 10 seconds

Step 9

Touch the icon of the PP Widget , your modem should appear. In a few seconds you will have to choose it again. Press “Connect” on the PPP widget. The status should get “Connected” .

Step 10

Now you probably don’t have internet when you open the browser. This means the DNS problem still exists.


Step 1

Disconnect the modem.

Step 2

Turn on the WiFi Connect to any WiFi network.

NB: If you have none immediately available, the hotspot from your mobile can work in a pinch!

Step 3

On the Wifi Settings screen on the Mi Pad press the little arrow on the currently connected network and change the IP to Static. Most of the info should be entered automatically.

Step 4

Delete the first DNS and enter

Step 5

Press OK on the top right

Step 6

Disable and Enable the WiFi

Step 7

Go to step 6 from the first part of the guide, follow to the end and you should have internet now!

Congratulations you have successfully enabled an USB Data connection and now have the ability to use a Dongle with the Mi Pad! If you have any questions comments or queries leave them in the comment section below!


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  1. Daniel Eluvathingal says

    Can you plz help me , i could’nt get this to work . Where should i install busybox /system /bin or /system/xbin?

    when ppp widget is converted to system app my modem is not detecting any usb modem.For example you will get dialog box when connected right….i am not getting it..

  2. S. Ram says

    Hi. Thanks for such a detailed procedure. Is it not possible for MIUI team to come up with an update which does all this? I am a zero in these things and I am afraid that if I get stuck somewhere in the middle or if I want to go back to stable ROM, I may not be able to do it. Also, once the developer ROM has been installed, can I keep getting automatic updates in my Mi pad like I do now? Or would I have to do it manually? Thanks

    • Amartya says

      It is but I don’t think they will! Also you’ll have to set it up manually every time for the developer ROM

      • S. Ram says

        Thanks. I’m not sure what to do now. I have put up a request in the MIUI forum for such an update. But as you said they may not do it. In India, wifi availability is only in very few areas and the dongle connectivity would be awesome… but it is a risk in my case…

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