How to Upgrade the Micromax Unite 2 to Lollipop

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Micromax has been one of the top smartphone sellers in the Indian marketplace., However despite packing some beefy hardware at a very affordable price point, they have consistently lagged behind in the software department. That all seems to be heading for a sea change as now we see even the entry level Micromax Unite 2 is receiving a firmware upgrade to the latest version of Android! Is it a sign of things to come or is this just a one off thing to one up it’s main competitor Xiaomi? We may not know for sure at this moment but this is certainly a very positive step and we welcome it with open arms!


Pre Requisites

  • This is an official update by Micromax so you do NOT need to be rooted or have a custom recovery installed. If you are then please revert back to the original ROM and remove root and custom recovery before flashing this update.
  • For FOTA upgradation process, please ensure that you have a memory card inserted with at least 1GB free space.
  • The free space in application memory should be more than 300MB.
  • We recommend you to take a back up of your data and reset your device before starting up-gradation process.


  • As the update size is quite large, it is recommended that you connect t a WiFi connection before downloading the update.
  • Also the battery of the phone must be over 40% to install this update!

Step 1

Connect your Micromax Unite A106 to SIM data connection or WiFi.

Step 2

You can check for the update from Settings >> About phone >> system update.

Step 3


After the first update appears as shown in the screenshot. Click “YES” to start downloading the update.

Step 4

After download is completed, click “Update Now” to install the update. Phone will reboot.

Step 5

After installing first update successfully a notification for the Second update appears.

Step 6

Click that notification, it will redirect to system update page. Or you can manually check update from Settings >> About phone >> software update.

Step 7

Click OK to start downloading the update.

Step 8

After phone reboots, it gives notification “Updated successfully“.

Step 9

FOTA upgrade process is completed.  Reboot your phone again after installation is complete.

Congratulations! You have successfully upgraded your Unite 2 to the latest version o Android, Lollipop. How was your upgrading experience? Did you face some hiccups? Leave us a comment down below! If you’re facing any problems about the OS upgrading, feel free to ask us and we’ll be happy to answer!



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  1. krn says

    unable to install apps since insufficient memory error appears ROM left after upgrade is less than 100mb. and most of the default apps vanished.

    • Amartya says

      that is because of the new Lollipop system install procedure called ART. Try uninstalling a few apps first and moving apps to external storage

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