How to update your Samsung Galaxy S5 Mini G800H to Lollipop

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The Samsung Galaxy S5 mini was the younger brother to yester year’s flagship from Samsung, the Galaxy S5! However as is common with many minis this one lacked in hardware as well as screen size. So it might come as ni surprise that Samsung has yet to pay any attention to this lil guy. But fear not, for the devs at XDA have come up with CM12 for the S5 G800H Qualcomm version.



RIL (calls and data mobile)
All Sensors

Not Working


Pre Requisites

  • You phone must be rooted.
  • You must have the latest custom recovery installed. The lastest version of TWRP is recommended.
  • Your phone must have over 80% charge.



Installation instructions coming from a different ROM

Step 1

Download the appropriate ROM and GAPPs and move them to the SD Card.

Step 2

Boot into your custom recovery. Press and hold “Volume Up key” + “Home button” + “Power button” together for a dew seconds.

Step 3

Back up any and all important data including your current ROM.

Step 4

Do a clean Wipe of Data, Cache and also Dalvik Cache.

Step 5

Flash the system.

Step 6

Navigate to the SD card and install the zip file of the ROM

Step 7

DO NOT FIX PERMISSIONS AFTER FLASHING, doing so will cause a bootloop.

Step 8

Flash the GAPPs.

Step 9

Wipe Dalvik Cache (for good measure).

Step 10

Reboot Device.

Dirty Flash/Update instructions

Step 1

Download the appropriate nightly update.

Step 2

Wipe Dalvik Cache.

Step 3

Install the update zip from recovery.

Step 4

DO NOT FIX PERMISSIONS AFTER FLASHING, doing so will cause a bootloop.

Step 5

Wipe Dalvik Cache again, just to be safe.

Step 6

Reboot Device.

Root : From CM 12 root permissions can be enable by going into settings>developer settings.

This is the first nightly release with many more to follow. While CM 12 is essentially still in beta, it’s good enough to use as a daily driver. Still you may encounter fatal bugs in nightlies so I always suggest that it’s better to keep a stable backup of a nightly to switch back on such pinch situations. Also many bugs can be solved by just doing a fresh install so keep an eye on that if you are facing weird bugs after updating.

With that we end this article. Questions or queries? Leave them in the comment box below and we will get back to you!!

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  1. Yusha says

    So why would I really wanna upgrade if not all the features will be there. Doesn’t make much sense hey

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