How to Update the Xiaomi Redmi 1S to Android Lollipop

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Xiaomi fans rejoice! Our wait is finally over!! We have LOLLIPOP!! And this time almost everything works! You can make calls and surf the net and perform most of the functions flawlessly. After a long time in development as the radios could not be made to work, we finally have the latest and greatest of Google’s Android running on our humble Redmi 1S. Now before we begin, let me disclose that there is a bug with the Wifi MAC address, However Wifi is pretty usable so it is not a cause for major concern. This ROM however is still in beta so if you face any bugs, do not hesitate to leave them in the comments below!


Pre requisites

  • Your Xiaomi Redmi 1S must be rooted. Check out this link to know how to do that.
  • You must have a custom recovery installed, like TWRP or CWM.
  • Your phone must be charged over 80%.
  • Some common sense and ability to follow instructions.


With that done, let’s get this show on the road.

Step 1

Press the volume up and power buttons simultaneously till the TWRP recovery screen shows up. Take a backup of your current ROM. This backup is very important if anything ever goes wrong.


Step 2

Go to the install option and navigate to the folder containing the ROM. Install the ROM.


Step 3

Go to the Wipe option and perform the basic wipe.


Step 4

Install the GAPP-s package.


Step 5

Perform another wipe. Reboot into system.


The first boot may take some time around 10 minutes. So don’t worry too much if it takes a tad bit too long to boot up.


How do I root this ROM?
A: It is not prerooted so after flashing rom successfully flash Supersu  in TWRP and reboot
What is working?
A: Here is the full list that I’ve been able to test out
  1. wifi: ok (MAC address is not fixed)(wifi is working fine)
  2. Bluetooth: ok (tested Bluetooth headset, transfer files, Bluetooth sharing networks, etc.)
  3. 3G is okay
  4. off charge: ok
  5. GPS: ok
  6. Camera: ok
  7. the display driver (gpu etc.): ok (Android4.4.4 has been upgraded)
  8. selinux: ok
  9. Sound driver (mic and speak, etc.): ok
  10. Proximity sensor: ok
  11. Light sensor: ok
  12. Direction (triaxial) Sensor: ok
  13. Video playback: ok
  14. Touch driver: ok
  15. OTG: ok
  16. WFD (Wireless Display): Unknown (to be tested wfd TV function)
  17. mtp usb drives, etc: ok
  18. 3G Data Sharing: ok (tested usb, wifi, Bluetooth and other shared are ok)
  19. Vibration: ok
  20. Breathing light: ok (you can set the color and length of breathing, support calls flash)
  21. FM radio: ok


Sound Patch: Download from here

Wifi Patch:     Download from here


How do you like this ROM? Leave your comments and questions down below. Also if you want me to test out any other ROm for the Xiaomi Redmi 1s, sound off below.

We’ll leave you with a few screenshots of the ROM.


130348gwkw06w3xltvk6gw.png.thumb 130351j6qzmd2x262jjfdk.png.thumb 130357glohao0j65s5slow.png.thumb 130403gnp11uzjd71jh7k6.png.thumb 130409v8xa0vta81104deg.png.thumb 130416wd69y4a6nx55y758.png.thumb 130425idwwcb188bpzlg8l.png.thumb 130432xb2jjjh88cr88qpt.png.thumb 130436uxfgb3z78mlux9ug.png.thumb 130440jvidk62kxkd1xvxy.png.thumb 130447do6n6n6noatl9n3n.png.thumb 130451m5cwzu8navk5uoai.png.thumb 130455b6r1sh76wisx9yy9.png.thumb 130459r7xubta7pu57tgaz.png.thumb 130343mkak2qyvf7aafaoo.png.thumb

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  1. JP Sinha says

    Hi I flashed with this Rom, everything went fine, except I did not get root access. After downloading the superuser apk, i went for flashing it, but surprisingly my phones reboot by pressing volume up and power button did not take me to twrp recover, it always shows mi logo for few seconds and boots the phone up. What is wrong can u please see to it..

    • Amartya says

      Enable developer settings by tapping on build number and kernel number.
      After that from developer settings enable root acess

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