How to Update the Nokia X to Lewa OS

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The Nokia X was Microsoft’s(formerly Nokia) first attempt at making an Android phone. It ran their proprietary launcher that resembled Windows Phone than an Android device. Also they were quick to drop support for it. However, the community at XDA has come up with support for the little misfit. Read on to know more.


Pre Requisites

  • Your Nokia X phone must be rooted.
  • Install Nokia X flasher on your Windows PC.
  • USB cable
  • .NET 4.0 installed in your Windows Computer.
  • Your phone’s battery must be charged over 80%.


Step 1

You need Lewa Recovery for installing Lewa ROM. So download the ROM on your Windows Computer

Step 2

Flash the recovery using Nokia X Flasher. (Or you can use Flashify but it’s a bit risky)


Step 3

After you are flashed the Recovery, boot into it by pressing Volume + and power key for 15 seconds.

Step 4

Go to Backup and create one backup.

Step 5

Place the downloaded zips in the root of your SD card.

Step 6

Once booted into Lewa Recovery, choose Wipe and then Swipe to confirm.


Step 7

Now go back to menu, and choose Install.


Step 8

Then choose the ROM zip.

Step 9

DON’T swipe yet. Choose Add more zips.

Step 10

Then choose the G-Apps zip.

Step 11

Choose Add more zips again and Choose Mi-pop Add on zip.

Step 12

Swipe to Confirm. The ROM, G-Apps and any additional zips will be installed.


Step 13

Choose Reboot System.


NB:If it gets stuck, don’t panic. It’s a bug in the recovery. Simply remove the battery, insert it again and power up the device.

Step 14

Let it boot. It might take a couple of minutes to boot for the first time. Choose Engish Language,


Q: Why it says “Invalid Win32 Application” in Windows XP?
A: As described in first post, this app needs .Net Framework 4.0, you need to download and it install it first

Q: The Gallery won’t detect/show my previous images. You said this was bug-proof.  😡 
A: Don’t get angry. Your media scanner might have gotten stuck. Goto Play Store, search for Scan Media. Download the app and let it run. It should get fixed in a few seconds.

Q: When will OTA Service be included?
A: Already included.

Q: Google Calendar Sync isn’t working. What should I do?
A: Install Google Calendar from App Store.


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