How to Update the Moto E with Lollipop

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The Moto E XT1022 gets Lollipop! But how can you install it? It’s a bit of a tricky process, but we will guide you through the it! Join us after the break to know how!

Pre Requisites

  • This update is only for the XT1022 running stock firmware and not CM11. If you are on any other ROM or have done any modification, this will lead to a bootloop and brick your device.
  • Make sure that you have NOT modified anything inside the internal (system) partitions or removed any packaged apps. If you have done so, undo those changes or customize the package as per the instructions given at the end.
  • Please take a nandroid backup and then flash. This is for your own benefit, if things get too hairy, you can fall back on the backup.
  • I suggest that you uninstall Link2SD and then reinstall it after you update, it causes debuggerd issues.


  • The pre rooted Moto E Lollipop soak test ROM. Download it from here. You can also grab a copy of the ROM from here!
  • Original Moto E ROM on 4.4.4 Kitkat. Download it from here.
  • TWRP Custom Recovery. You can download the required file for the recovery from here.
  • A ZipSigner App for windows. You can use this one.

Do not use a deodexed/modified/debloated ROM. Use only the ROM provided in the downloads section.

Step 1


Step 2

Flash the ZIP that you just downloaded before. The soak test Lollipop ROM.

Step 3

If an error occurs, copy the ZIP to your PC and extract it.

Step 4

Go to ‘extracted_folder/META-INF/com/google/android’

Edit the updater-script and remove the assert, ‘apply_patch‘ and ‘apply_patch_check‘ and ‘sha1_check‘ lines that refer to the files mentioned in the error you saw.

Step 5

ZIP the folder again (Make sure that you don’t change the directory structure).

Step 6

Download ZipSigner for Windows and sign the package.

Step 7

Flash the signed ZIP and repeat the procedure for all errors you see.

And that’s it you’re on Lollipop. If you need help with installing TWRP you can check out this link right here.


1. Errors with 3c_main/LatinIME/*.apk

Sol: Try and find the stock application and install it. That’s it.

2. Errors with debuggerd

Sol: Uninstall link2sd. If issues persist, find a stock KitKat debuggerd.

3. ADB Sideload – device not found

Sol: (WINDOWS) Install drivers -> Go to Device Manager -> Find XT1022/Unidentified Device->Update Driver->Select Manually From List->Android Device->Motorola USB Interface->Install it.

4. Generic Advice: If something errors, restore a stock version. If everything seems too complex, flash back to stock.

Leave a comment below if you need any help or just say thanks. Also if you have an ROM requests for the moto e leave them down below.

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