How to Update the HTC One M8 to Lollipop with the first Sense based Custom ROM

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This is the first HTC Sense based Lollipop ROM. Are you as excited for it, as I am? So no more long intros, let’s just jump right into it. If however for some reason you prefer stock AOSP based ROMs on your M8 check this one out.


Pre Requisites


Step 1

Make sure to check that the MD5 checksum of the downloaded ROM matches with the one posted on the download page.

Step 2

Place the zip file on your internal (virtual) SD card.

Step 3

Reboot your phone into recovery TWRP or CWM depending on what is recommended in OP with the specific Rom version. Hold down power button and volume down at the same time to get into recovery.

Step 4

Make a backup of your current Rom

Step 5

Select to install SkyDragon Rom in recovery and follow the instructions in Aroma installer always selecting full wipe to start the installation

Note: I always prefer to manually wipe cache, Dalvik cache, and data in recovery before starting the Rom installation. 


1. Can themes and custom mods be installed?

Themes and mods that are not included in the Rom or are not in the SD Hub not recommended.
2. Can I install a custom kernel?

Yamil (Dragonesdenano) releases a specific Rom version to run optimally with the stock kernel

SD custom kernels may be included in Aroma at the time of release.

3. Does SkyDragon Rom include radio firmware, Hboot, recovery, etc.?


4. Will installing SkyDragon erase my SD card/internal memory?

Nope! Data stored on your internal memory will not be affected by installing this Rom. Photos, music and other files stored on your SD card will remain untouched. The most likely way to erase your internal storage is by flashing stock firmware updates (because they contain stock recovery), flashing incompatible kernels, and incompatible custom recoveries.

Making a backup is always a good idea.

5. Should I flash radio firmware?

Always check this thread for new versions and instructions if it’s required or not.

With the first Lollipop Rom 5.0 you must flash the Dev firmware.

In future Rom releases, you may stick with your region’s firmware as long as that firmware is from the current released base, such as 5.0.1, 5.0.2, etc.

Firmware flashing is not required for every Rom update. Most of the time it is best to remain on your phone’s native firmware for best signal reception, battery life, and overall performance.

Since we try to bring you the latest HTC updates in a custom Rom, we use HTC Rom variants that are released for specific regions that have firmware that may not perform very well for you. So we advise against flashing the latest firmware “just because it is new”.

If you choose to flash firmware make sure it is customized, i.e.; the stock recovery and boot image is removed to prevent the possibility of erasing your personal data. Ask about it in the thread.

6. I am S-On, can I install SkyDragon?

Yes you can, just make sure you have the current base firmware !
If you are on KitKat Rom firmware you can flash 5.0 Lollipop Rom if you are S-On.
But Make A nandroid back up of your actual Rom. Also you must flash Boot img from the
via fastboot commands. Then flash the Rom via Custom Recovery.Finally select Stock Kernel in Aroma Selection.

For questions comments and queries leave ’em down below.

Source: XDA and it’s awesome devs.

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