How to Update the Droid Bionic to Lollipop with CM 12 Nightlies

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Anyone remember Droid Bionic? No? Dual Core, 1GB RAM, Verizon? Yeah that stirs up some fond memories doesn’t it. Some of you, especially those of you on Verizon are pretty familiar with the Droid line of phones. However it goes without saying that Verizon has left support for this device at Jellybean. Of all carriers, the Big Red is the one most infamous for stalling updates. However, thankfully the devs at XDA are to the rescue. Not only did they update it to Kitkat; but now the CM team has come up with Lollipop for this ageing device. And surprise surprise, it works really well and smooth even with the limited specs the Bionic has to offer.


Pre requisites

  • Your Motorola Droid Bionic must be rooted with it’s boot loader unlocked.
  • You must have a custom recovery installed, like TWRP or CWM.
  • Your phone must be charged over 80%.
  • Some common sense and ability to follow instructions.


  • Download the latest nightly from here.
  • Download the GAPPs from here or here.

With that done, let’s get this show on the road.

Step 1

Boot into recovery mode. To do so, power off your phone. Press and hold Volume Down, Volume Up and Power, all at the same time. Release the buttons only when the Fastboot / Bootloader Mode menu appears. Use one of the Volume buttons to change the START text to Recovery Mode. When Recovery Mode option is listed in the above part of the Fastboot Mode menu you can press Power. The custom TWRP / CWM Recovery menu should now appear.

Step 2

Backup your current ROM from your custom recovery.

Step 3

Do a complete wipe, data and cache.

Step 4

Navigate to your SD Card and select the ROM zip file. Flash the ROM. (For your convenience we advise that you keep the zip file at the root of your SD card)

Step 5

If you’re so inclined, flash the GAPPs package.

Step 6

Reboot. The first boot will take longer than others so don’t panic.

Root : From CM 12 root permissions can be enable by going into settings>developer settings.

Congratulations you have CM 12 nightlies running on your Droid Bionic. If you are the sort who updates daily, please remember to take a backup before flashing the latest nightly either from recovery or via OTA. If you have any questions, comments or insights about the Official CM 12 nightlies that have been rolling out, leave them in the comments below. We are always looking for a riveting discussion.

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