How to update the Android One Handsets with Official Lollipop from Google

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Google released Android One last year in India with the promises of fast nexus like updates. However many bugs in the Lollipop release has forced them to hold back on rolling out Lollipop to these devices. The wait though is finally over. Lollipop has arrived for the owners of Android One devices and it’s not just 5.0x it’s a straight jump to Android 5.1. Excited? We sure are! So let’s jump straight into how you can get it on your Android One device!


Pre Requisites

  • Absolutely none! This can be done with rooted/non rooted devices and even devices with custom recoveries.
  • Your battery must be charged over 80%
  • An ability to follow instructions!


  • Micromax OTA can be downloaded from here and here or those who prefer to torrent can get it from here.
  • Karbonn OTA can be downloaded from here and here or those who prefer to torrent can get it from here.
  • Spice OTA can be downloaded from here and here or those who prefer to torrent can get it from here.
  • Symphony OTA can be downloaded from here

Step 1

Place the zip on your Android One device.

Step 2

Boot into stock/any custom recovery. You can do this by

  1. Switch off phone
  2. Press Power button+Volume Up simultaneously
  3. Select Recovery mode in options (read instructions at the top of screen to select recovery option)
  4. Wait for OEM logo and then a Dead Android with exclaimation mark and “No Command” written below it.
  5. Now hold Power then tap Volume up (follow the order properly) and leave it. Congratulations! You have now sucessfully booted into the stock recovery.

Step 3

Select the zip placed on your sd card & flash it.

Step 4

Reboot, be patient, first boot will take some time.

Step 5

Enjoy! You’ll be now on official Indian Lollipop stock rom.


Can this be done in devices with root and/or custom recoveries?

Ans: Yes

Do we need to do factory reset before we install this ROM?

Ans: NO, no need for that at all.

Will my warranty be void if I do this?

Ans: No this is the official Google OTA so your warranty will stay intact!

Will I loose my data if I do this?

Ans: No you will not.

Can I flash it on an Indronesiam build?

Ans: Yes you can flash on both stock and Indonesian builds.

If you wish to enable multiuser on your Android one device you might want to check out this thread from our source at XDA.

If you have any more questions or queries, feel free to drop a comment down below! We would be happy to help!

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