How to Update Nexus 4 to Android L Preview

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At Google IO, Google introduced their new Android version, Android L. Android L brings many new features to Android such as the material design and the new lock screen that should make interaction with notifications easier. Also at Google IO, Google mentioned that the preview would be available the next day.

Now the the preview was only for the Nexus 5 and Nexus 7  (2013). After Google IO, Google had released the source code for Android L and developers have used that code to their advantage and began to build Android L ports for various devices. If you have a Nexus 4 and longed to try out Android L continue to read. In this article I will explain how to update your device to the Developer Preview of Android L.


This method will void your warranty, however there is a way to retrieve it back. I am not responsible for any unwanted outcomes. This method is for PC. You will lose all data since this requires unlocking your phone.


Your phone must an up to date recovery. Check this out for help. Make sure USB Debugging is enabled.


1. Download the build zip file from the port thread onto your phone.

2. Reboot your phone into recovery.

3. Wipe Data

4. Go into mounts and storage and format system.

5. Wipe cache.

6. Wipe dalvik cache.

7. Now go into install and navigate to the zip you downloaded to your phone and flash it.

8. Now wipe cache.

9. Wipe dalvik cache.

10. Reboot System.

Start up may take up to 10 minutes since its the first time the port has booted up. Please be patient. Please continue to check the port thread for I believe the port gets updated. If the port does get updated, updating is easy.

To update port.

1. Download updated port onto your device.

2. Reboot into recovery.

3. Wipe cache.

4. Wipe dalvik cache.

5. Install the zip like before.

6. Wipe cache

7. Wipe dalvik cache

8. Reboot device.

And that’s all. Now you have the developer preview of Android L on your Nexus 4


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