How to Install Android SDK, ADB, and Fastboot on Windows PC

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Setting up Android SDK Tools will allow you to use fastboot and adb commands for your android phone. This helps with rooting and developer projects on your phone. Let’s get started.

Files Needed

SDK Tools


1. Download SDK Tools

2. Extract SDK Tools to C: Drive or OS Drive

3. To make the process easier rename it to “android-sdk”

4.  Enter the android-sdk folder and run SDK Manager. If SDK Manager doesn’t open, download and install this.

5. Once SDK Manager has opened wait for all the packages to load up, and then click the tools button at the top because you need all of the packages in it’s section.

6. Click Install Packages. Next click accept liicense and install. You will need internet to download and install these packages.

7. When you enter the android-sdk folder again you will see new folders. In platform-tools you will find that ADB has been installed.

8.  Now you  must create modify your paths in order to use the adb command anywhere. Now go into Control Panel.

9. Enter System and Security.

10. In System and Security go into System.

11. To the left click advanced system settings

12. Now enter Environmental Variables.’

13. In the system variable box scroll down to the variable Path.

14. Click Edit.

15. Scroll to the end, and after the semicolon type “C:\android-sdk\tools;C:\android-sdk\platform-tools”. Click Okay in all the advanced system settings windows.

Now to test if the process has been done correctly, right click the start button and select command prompt. Now type adb and of windows recognizes it, the process has been done correctly.

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