How to root the Xperia Tablet Z3 Compact Keeping your DRM keys Intact

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Today we have an unique guide for you guys. You all probably know by now that to root a Sony device you’ll need to unlock their bootloaders first. But in the recent crop of devices, this poses a serious problem. The unlocking of bootloader means that you’ll loose your DRM keys and this is Sony’s own words will affect your camera performance

Certain pre-loaded content on your device may also be inaccessible due to the removal of DRM security keys. For high-end devices running recent software versions, for instance Xperia Z3, the removal of DRM security keys may affect advanced camera functionality.

For example, noise reduction algorithms might be removed, and performance when taking photos in low-light conditions might be affected. The secure user data partition may also become inaccessible, and you will not be able to get any more official software upgrades if you unlock the boot loader.


Right fix this puts you in eh? Especially if you love your root apps. Well we are (as always :D) here to help you out!

Read on to know how!


Pre Requisites

  • Your tablet must be rooted.
  • This is only for the SGP621.
  • A relatively good knowledge of modding and rooting Android devices. This is a very tricky exercise suitable only for veterans. If you’re a noob DO NOT try this.


Step 1

Follow lowtraxx’s guide to the t,we will need the system image later. Alternatively, you can compile your own stock     SGP621 FTF.

Remember since you’re flashing another device’s firmware into another one, if you do something wrong, you could end up with a permanently bricked device.

step1 step2 step3

Step 2

Backup TA partition using Backup TA.

Step 3

Install Flashtool if you haven’t done it already.Return to stock unrooted by flashing the SGP621 FTF using the Flashtool.

screenshot1 screenshot2

Step 4

Unlock the bootloader now. You will loose your DRM keys in this step. But it does NOT matter since you already have the TA Backup.

You can start with unlocking your bootloader from here.


Step 5

Flash the Advanced Stock Kernel using Flashtool in FastBoot mode. At this point your device will be unlocked, with DRM keys lost, and rooted with custom recovery.

This Kernel installs the TWRP custom recovery in your tablet. Flash it manually by using flash boot.img 

in fastboot.

Step 6

We will now use the PRFCreator on the SGP621 FTF and the SuperSU zip,  to create a rooted stock firmware flashable zip.

Note: Be sure to check all the checkboxes under the “Include” section. Otherwise you will run into boot loops


Step 7

Copy the resulting zip onto your device’s internal storage or external SD card.

Step 8

Also copy the SonyRICDefeat zip to the same location.


Step 9

Boot into TWRP on your device.

To do that you hace to power off your device first. Then when the device is booting up, press the Volume down key when the purple LED lights up on the Sony boot screen.

Step 10

Flash the rooted stock firmware zip from TWRP. Then follow it up with the SonyRICDefeat zip.

Step 11

Once complete, reboot into system and set up the device for USB Debugging by going into the settings menu.

This first boot takes a while so don’t worry!

Step 12

Restore the TA partition using Backup TA.

Step 13

Reboot the device again and you now have the device on rooted stock firmware, with DRM keys intact.

Congratuations! You made it through! Enjoy your tablet and leave us a comment below if this guide helped you out!

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