How to Root the Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 SM-T 230/T230NU

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Root your Android

Samsung devices used to be very easy to root. So much so that developers started buying Samsung devices because of it. However the key word is used to. It’s not that easy anymore. Primarily because of Knox. Knox is a sort of root counter. So no matter how you root, once Knox is tripped Sammy would know that you rooted your device and essentially it’s a game over as far as warranty is concerned. But luckily Knox is not enforced everywhere yet. So we find that these 7 inch tablet devices from Samsung do not have any Knox security enabled. That means it’s a boon for us as we can root very easily and also unroot in case we need to go back to Samsung for warranty. So are you excited to finally root your tablet? This guide here, tells you exactly how to go about it! So why wait? Hop on for the ride!


Pre Requisites

  • You must enable USB debugging in your tab.
  • You must have a computer running windows.
  • You will also need an unzipping software lik WinZip or 7zip installed on your PC
  • You will also need to have the downloaded drivers for your device. You can get them by installing Kies.
  • Your tab must have over 80% charge.


Step 1

Download and extract the above zip in your computer to an easy to access location.

Step 2

Put the device into download mode by holding power+vol down+home and connect to computer with usb cable.

Step 3

Now run Odin 3.09 (as administrator) and select AP and then select the openrecovery-twrp- file

Step 4

Hit start in Odin and as soon as Oodin is finished the device turns off for reboot DONT let android boot, quickly press power+vol up+home to boot into twrp recovery

Step 5

Now pres reboot > system and then slide to install root

Step 6

When device has rebooted to android, open superuser installer app and follow instructions to update then install su binary updates then reboot.

Step 7

Now download busybox and install it from GPlay.

You now have rooted your tab 4 sm-t230/t230un

Now you’re ready to use root apps and custom ROMs on you tablet. Is there any specific device or ROM you want us to cover? Drop a line in the comments section below and we’ll look into it. If you have any questions, queries or comments, leave a line below too!

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  1. Joel says

    Amartya, Fantastic tutorial. Worked like a charm on my Galaxy Tab 4 7.0. I had been reading many tutorials on how to root my device, and you had the most clear and simple write-up. Thank you so much. Now we need custom ROMs with bare bone android for the Tab 4 7.0. T320.

  2. Chris says

    Thank you for the help. Im new to this rooting and learning step by step. My Tab 4 SM-t230nu is now rooted and verified by root checker. Im not to sure what to do with busy box yet but if you guys have any useful info it that would be helpful.

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