How to Root the Lenovo A536

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Lenovo has been a fierce competitor in the low to mid range segment here in India for the past couple of years. The A536 is one such device that was launched by Lenovo last year. but since then it has been abandoned and is currently running Kitkat without any word from Lenovo indicating that they’ll be updating this midramger to Lollipop. However don’t loose hope yet as we hare a root guide ready for you guys so that you can root your phone and install a custom ROM if and when they might appear. This guide is a bit tricky though as no one click method exists yet. the first part is to install a custom recovery (we have shown here through TWRP custom recovery) and then to flash the super user file through the custom recovery. We will lead you through the entire process, so without much ado, let’s jump right in!


Pre Requisites

  • Rooting Android 4.4.2 is not easy as Android 4.2.2, there is no one click method. Make sure you already installed custom recovery on your device. This article will help you with that.
  • Make your own backup preparations,
  • This guide is for ROW or International version only and never tried for china version.


Step 1

Download SuperSu v2.08 to your computer and then move or copy it to external SD Card, we recommend you place it on the SD Card root.

Step 2

Turn off your device.

Step 3

Go to recovery mode, for Lenovo A536 you can press and hold Power Button + Volume Up + Volume Down button until you can see TWRP main menu.

A Guide How to Root Lenovo A536 running Android 4.4.2

Step 4

On TWRP main menu, select Install ↦ Select Zip to Install navigate to external SD Card and select SuperSu v2.08.

After finish with selecting the file just follow the Swipe to Install, TWRP will show you the progress and will mark the end of the flashing process with a Successful text. Installation  takes only about 10-15 seconds so just wait for a few moments.

Step 5

Done, back to main menu TWRP and just select Reboot.

Step 6

Congratulations!!!! You have successful rooted your Lenovo A536.
With root and custom Recovery ready, your phone is now on the cusp of a Custom ROM. We will be on the lookout if we can find a custom ROM for your device. Till then enjoy your rooted phone and the various features and mods that rooted apps and Xposed can bring! This all from us today, we will see you again with more rooted phones in the next article. As always feel free to drop a comment down below if you’re struggling with any of the steps detailed above!!

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  1. Francis says

    What is the purpose of having your device rooted? What are its advantages and disadvantages as well? I am interested on this but is afraid of the consequences. Tried checking online for answers but it seems complicated and I am quite confused. Hope you can help me out with this.

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