How to Root the HTC Desire 816 and Install Custom Recovery

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Most HTC phones can be deceptively hard to root with a lot of protections to by pass and boot loaders to unlock. However we make it quick and easy with detailed instructions and download links so that it remains hassle free for our readers! Today we take a look at the Desire 816 and how to root it.


Pre Requisites

  • A Windows PC running Windows 7. Later versions of Windows may run into problems
  • The phone must be charged over 80%
  • Original USB cable
  • A few apps like Terminal Emulator, a root explorer and a text editor.
  • A working mind and the ability to follow instructions to the t!


  • HTC Sync Manager. This is required for the fastboot drivers. You can download them from here.
  • The latest Super SU zip file. It can be downloaded from here. Huge thanks to Chainfire!
  • Download the CWM Recovery image.exe from here.
  • Download the wp_mod from here.

Done with the downloads? We’ll be moving pretty fast as this is a long process so keep up with me. If you want me to elaborate on any point just hit me up on the comments down below.

Step 1

Install the HTC Sync manager on your Windows PC.


Step 2

Now we have to Unlock the phone’s boot loader from HTC Dev website. Be warned this step on, your warranty is kaput!

Go to the website and follow the instructions, you need to select the device as HTC One. Do not worry the steps are the same and this will not break your device.


Step 3

Boot you phone into fastboot mode. This is done by turning off the phone. Then press the Power+Volume down buttons and you’ll boot into fastboot mode.

Step 4

Run the exe file, it will install the recovery. (CWM as of the date of writing).

Step 5

Boot into recovery by selecting HBOOT

Note : Select using Power button and scroll via volume keys.

Step 6

Place the Super SU in the root of your SD card (Internal or External, your choice)

Step 7

Boot into recovery and select “Install Zip from SD Card”.

Step 8

Select where you kept the flashable zip.

Step 9

Select the file when it shows all your files and then select “Yes” to let it flash. When it’s done Reboot!

Step 10

Copy the wp_mod.ko file to the root of your internal storage.

Step 11

Now download Terminal Emulator from the Play Store, run it and enter the following commands (this is a one time process)

insmod /sdcard/wp_mod.ko

Step 12

Once you do this go into your favorite root explorer.

Mount as R/W.

Copy the wp_mod.ko file to /system/lib/modules.

Step 13

Now go to /system/etc and find Open it with a text editor and add a new line at the end with the following:
insmod /system/lib/modules/wp_mod.ko

Step 14

Reboot! If all went well the wp_mod module will run at boot every time so you won’t have to do it manually each time!

Congratulations you have successfully rooted your HTC Desire 816!! Leave the comments questions and queries down below and we’ll be happy to look into them for you.


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