How to Root the Asus Memo pad 7 (ME70C)

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The Asus MemoPad 7 is a budget tablet from Asus. As it is with most budget offerings, the processor and the RAM has been skimped out on. Hence this low rage-r has it’s fair share of lags and stutters. However all of these can be alienated to an extent by a custom ROM. To do that however we would need to root the device. And rooting an Intel processor based handheld device is no mean task! But we have it here in a simple to follow guide just for you guys!


Pre Requisites

  • You must be on the stock ROM for this procedure to go through smoothly.
  • Your battery must be charged to over 80%
  • You will need a Windows PC or Laptop for this procedure and an unzipping software like Winrar.
  • You will also require a Micro USB cable.
  • Lastly a dash of common sense and an ability to follow instructions!


  • Download the Asus Intel from here.
  • Download BusyBox from here.

Step 1

Make sure you are on the stock ROM. We reiterate this as it’s very important otherwise you may end up with a brisked device

Step 2

Download the on your computer from the link above

Step 3

Unzip AsusIntelRootkit to a folder which you can conveniently locate

Step 4

Run the CheckBeforeAction.bat to check adb, fastboot,etc

Step 5

Run Root.bat with your MemoPad turned on and connected to the PC

Step 6

Install Busybox Free (supports Intel processors)

Step 7

Enjoy your rooted tablet!


Power button & Vol +


adb reboot bootloader


fastboot flash update

Flash an from recovery (it will fail as it flashes only signed zip and the keypair used is not avaible!)

fastboot boot boot.img

Boot a kernel without replace the one in use (it will fail as it boots only signed boot.img and the keypair used is not avaible!)

fastboot flash <device_dir> <computer_dir>

Flash almost everything everywhere.

With that we come to the end of this article! If you have any question or queries regarding the device or the procedure drop a line down below. At the moment there is no custom recovery released for it yet, but fastboot gives us a way to flash the recoveries should someone develop/port them over to the device. If there are any other ROMs/Recoveries of this tablet that you’d like us to cover please drop the name or the link in the comments and we will look it up!

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