How to Root T-Mobile Galaxy Note 2 on 4.3

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Samsung has released the 4.3 Jelly Bean software for the Note 2. If you have this device and you can’t live without root, this article is for you. This tutorial will guide you on how to root and unroot the T-Mobile S4.

Be aware that rooting voids the warranty of your device. Me and the developer of this root guide are not responsible for any unfortunate or unwanted outcomes of your device. Continue at your own risk. This tutorial use CF-Auto-Root file by Chainfire. Go to their main thread to learn more about the root.




1. Install USB Drivers for Samsung Devices on your computer.

2. Enable USB Debugging by navigating to settings > about device > tap build number until developer settings are enabled. Next go into to Developer Settings and enable USB Debugging.

3. Make sure any important data is backed up.

4. Charge phone to about 50% to ensure it doesn’t die in the process of rooting.

5. This method only works for the T-Mobile Galaxy  Note 2. Don’t try with any other model. To verify the model go to Settings > About Device

Files Requireed

1. CF-Auto-Root

2. Odin 3.09

Procedure to Root

1. Extract the CF-Auto-Root and Odin Files to a safe place.

2. Turn of your Galaxy Note 2 and click Volume Down, Home, and the Power button. When you have seen the warning screen press Volume up to enter download mode.

3. Launch Odin

4. Connect your Note 2 into the computer and wait until Odin recognizes it. When Odin recognizes it the ID COM box will become blue.

5. In Odin click the AP button and select the CF-Auto-Root Md5 file.

6. Make sure the Re-Partation box is not checked in Odin.

7. Click Start. Once finished Odin will read PASS The Note 2 is now successfully rooted. Once the phone is on open the app drawer to see if the app SuperSu is installed. To make sure you have root install the app Root Checker from the Play Store to check if you have done the procedure right.

Unrooting Procedure

This unroot method will not bring your warranty back due to the fact that there isn’t a method at the time to reset the flash counter of your phone. However it will bring your phone back to stock.

1. Download the latest stock firmware of the T-Mobile Note 2. Go here to download the stock firmware. Search your model number which should be SGH-T889 and pick the version of Android you want.

2. Put your phone into download mode. See step 2 of the rooting procedure for help.

3. Open Odin

4. Plug your phone into your computer and wait for Odin to recognize it.

5. In the AP box, navigate to the stock firmware you’ve downloaded and select.

6. Click Start.


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