How to Root Sony Xperia Tipo St21i and install CWM Recovery

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One of the best series in the Android Smartphone is Sony Xperia Series. From past 2012, Sony worked upon Xperia Series and released many phones till today, recently it released its best Android Smartphone, i.e. Sony Xperia Z. But, today we will discuss about Sony Xperia Tipo St21i, a phone with full of awful features and run on Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0).

No doubt! Sony Xperia Tipo is an extremely elegant Smartphone with stylish outlook and design as well as Sony Xperia Tipo st21a review is awesome. The phone is one of the best selling Smartphone in the market at an affordable price.

How to root Sony Xperia Tipo St21i and install CWM Recovery

Let’s come to the point, you are here because you want to root your phone and install CWM Recovery, right? If yes then you are in correct place. I have divided the post in two parts, one is “How to root” and another is “How to install CWM Recovery“. Potentially, we will guide through the complete process on How to root Xperia Tipo and install CWM Recovery but before that you have to read the disclaimer and prerequisite section. So, let’s start our journey.

Disclaimer: Rooting will void your phone Warranty. We are not responsible if anything happens to your phone. This article is purely for Sony Xperia Tipo St21i, applying these steps on another device may produce troubles. Don’t miss any of the steps, firstly read and understand the whole tutorial then go for the actual process.


1. Your mobile should have 70 – 80% battery

2. Make sure that you have enabled USB debugging (All apps > Settings > Manage Applications > Development > USB Debugging – check box)

3. Ensure you have backed up your important data.

4. Install USB drivers on your PC from here.

Step by Step Guide on:

How to root Sony Xperia Tipo St21i

Step 1: Download and install this Unlock Root tool on your PC.

Step 2: Connect your phone via USB cable on your computer.

Step 3: Now, Open the “UnlockRoot.exe” and click on “Root” button.

Step 4: On screen you will see some instructions. Follow that instruction and start the rotting process on your phone.

Step 5: Now, it will root automatically and you will receive the confirmation.

So, this is the simplest guide on root Xperia Tipo and now we will see How to install CWM Recovery.

How to install CWM Recovery

Step 6: Download CWM Recovery and extract it on your desktop.

Step 7: From the extracted folder, click on “install.bat” file and make sure that your phone is connected and USB debugging is enabled.

Step 8: Follow the on-screen instruction and installation process will start automatically.

Step 9: After a few steps, you have successfully installed CWM Recovery on your phone.

This is also the simple guide on How to install CWM Recovery. If you want to cross check that your phone is rooted or not then you can download Root Checker application and verify by yourself. If you face any problem while rooting the phone then put your query or problem via comments below and we will solve it ASAP! Happy Rooting

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  1. says

    sir I tried to download Root
    Package but it is not working I can’t able to find download option plz help me sir I really want to root my tipo

  2. Cristian Hidalgo says

    I rooted the phone it was easy, but the process to install the CWM it doesnt work…I made all the steps correcly. but nothing, I will appreciate your help guys.

    Thanks in advance.

  3. Arjun says

    my tipo is not rooting i tried all the steps u said but,when i am asked 2 restore my data the program stops there

  4. Aniruddh Barve says

    Install the CWM properly and after installing in order to enter CWM u have to start ur mobile and when the sony logo appears continuously press Vol- button.

  5. says

    The link provided for downloading root package is not working… The link provided in ur comment is also not working… After clicking free download, it waits 30 sec and tells link is unavailable. Pls provide an alternate link for download… I tried using uc browser and opera from mob to download but no use.
    And.yes, can u tell that after rooting and installing CWM how to boot from CWM (is there any key combination?)

  6. bhushan says

    this is bcoz u are using a firmware version greater than A.4.22. try downgrading it from xperia gallery or wait until new version of bin4ary which supports ur firmware, is available.. or try using unlock root software( pro version only) it will surely root ur device 110% guaranteed…. it is available 4 download at 4shared… plz try …. it worked for me… and yes dont 4get to reply if successful or not……!

  7. Saajan says

    Worked perfect for CWM but for root it does not work on the latest version, for the latest version you must use Unlock Root

  8. Simon says

    Hello, i tried to install this on my Soni st21i , And when it tells me to back up my phone, the program just stops there and goes no further, hope you can fix this :)

  9. Umair Munir says

    I am sure the root has worked, but for some reason phone doesn’t seem to be rooted. How i know this is because i needed to root my Tipo for some marketfix app, but now i cant :( – Please help!

  10. syed kareem says

    hi. unable to download root package.. i have downloaded cwn download… url not working… plz provide different url..

  11. Mohamed says

    hi dude

    i did all the steps perfectly but i have a doubt what is use of these root and cwm recovery and how can i get the features

  12. Sudeep says

    hey bro do we need to backup our mobile while rooting…. just to root not to install rom… please tell me guys..
    also i am not finding the back up and restore wizard in my sony pc companion..
    i have mobile Xperia tipo (single sim) please do help

  13. me says

    Unlock root installed malicious software on my computer I wouldn’t advise using this method – it is nothing more than a trojon house.

  14. Akshay says

    Sir , I used the UnlockRoot software to root my device. The software showed that the device is ready… but when I used Root Checker app , it told that superuser : Not Found
    Su Location : Not Found & Sudo Location : Not Found … Need Help Sir.

  15. jerry says

    i had successfully installed supper su and cmw…. but it will not work at the down key button…. how do i fix this?? thnxxx

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