How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

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Camera performances of Smartphones are an important criteria in considering the success of a Smartphone today. As nowadays people do not carry a phone and a camera together, they always prefer to have the essence of a quality camera into their Smartphone. And therefore, Smartphone manufacturers nowadays focus a lot more into the camera technology in their Smartphones with equal importance as any other feature of their Smartphone.

This effort has enabled Smartphone manufacturers to release a lot of camera oriented Smartphones, and the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is one among them. The Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom is one of the many siblings of the early 2013 flagship of Samsung, the Samsung Galaxy S4, and as the name suggests has an advanced camera technology. Basically speaking, it is a Samsung Galaxy Camera fused into a Samsung Galaxy S4, where it adopts lots of features from the Samsung Galaxy Camera.

However, if you own a Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom and if you’re in search of a tutorial that would help you to root your Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom, today we’re here with a simple and sweet tutorial on how to root Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Android Smartphone.

root Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom

Warning Informations:

Before we jump into the rooting procedures, below are some warning informations for you to read:

  • Rooting your Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom will void its warranty. Hence, you’ll not be able to enjoy any warranty benefits over your Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom after rooting it.
  • There are chances of many errors occuring in between the rooting process that may damage your Smartphone. We are not at all responsible even if you damage your Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom during or after completing the rooting process.
  • Please only follow this tutorial on the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom model.

Prerequisite Procedures:

Below are some prerequisite procedures to follow before attempting to root your Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom:

  • Make sure that your Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom has at least 80% of battery backup.
  • Make sure that you’ve downloaded and installed USB Drivers for Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom on your PC.
  • Enable USB Debugging on your Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.
  • Download the root kit from here.
  • Download ODIN Flash Tool from here.

How To Root Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom:

Now that you’ve read and followed the warning and prerequisite sections mentioned above, below is how you can root your Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom:

  • Power OFF your Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom.
  • Now boot into download mode by pressing Volume Down+Power+Home keys.
  • Now connect your Smartphone to the PC.
  • And now, extract the ODIN Flash tool and the root kit folders that you downloaded earlier.
  • From the extracted ODIN Flash tool folder, run the .exe file.
  • If you installed the USB Drivers for your device properly, the flash tool will now recognize your device.
  • Now click on the PDA button, and select the “.tar” extension file from the rot kit folder that you extracted earlier.
  • Now click on the Start button.
  • Now wait for the first box to go completely green.
  • Once the first box goes completely green, your device will start to reboot.
  • As it prepares for the automatic reboot, unplug your device from the PC.

Wait for the reboot to complete successfully. Congratulations, you have now successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom Android Smartphone.


All the tutorials and download links are collected from internet and various sources. We are not responsible for any damage in your device. Here we are putting our best to collect and publish accurate articles.So, Follow the tutorials at your own risk.

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