How to Root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and Install CWM Recovery

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Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 is the advanced version of Samsung Galaxy Ace with some few modified features. It’s an mid-range smartphone runs on Android 2.3.6 Gingerbread, a quite older version of Android OS. So, if you to taste Android 4.1.1 Jellybean then you have to root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.

root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

The post covers the guide on how to root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 easily. Before you start performing actual process, first read the whole post for better understanding. Let’s start our journey of rooting Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.


1. Charge your battery up to 70%.

2. Enable USB debugging. (Settings > Applications > Development > USB Debugging)

3. Back up your phone data.

4. Install Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 USB drivers from here.

5. Download files to root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

Steps to root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2

1. Place the file in external SD card.

2. Extract “ready to root file” on your computer.

3. Turn off your phone and boot in to bootloader mode by pressing “Volume Down + Home + Power” buttons to boot in download mode and then press Volume up for confirmation.

4. Locate and open “Odin.exe” from the extracted folder, connect your phone via USB cable to computer in download mode only and wait for Odin to detect it.

5. Click on “PDA” button in Odin and select “” from the extracted folder.

6. Leave all the settings as it is and click on “Start button” to begin the actual process.

7. After all the process gets over, you’ll see green color message “Pass” and your phone will be rebooted.

At this stage, you have successfully installed CWM Recovery on Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. Now the process to root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2.

8. Now ,again switch off your phone and this type boot in to ClockWorkMod Recovery by pressing and holding “Volume Up + Home + Power button“.

9. In CWM recovery mode, select “install zip from SD card” and select “” file. Wait for the process to complete and the reboot your phone from main menu.

That’s it! You have successfully rooted your Samsung Galaxy Ace 2. So, this guide covers all about how to root Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 easily. In case, if you face any difficulty in understanding or performing then feel free to contact with us via comments and we will try to solve your all the difficulties.


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  1. ali shah says

    in point 4; you have mentioned locate “odin.exe” from extracted folder. but all we can get in extraced folder is “I8160XXLD8_ready_to_root_ANT.tar.md5″ . and even further getting into it ; it contains some bin file……so where is that odin.exe????

  2. android user says

    Impossible to download Odin file from the link you have showed.. “The file you requested has been blocked” – mediafire.

  3. Pierre says

    why can’t i start my phone into the CWM ? i did every step that you said but my phone does not start with the CWM.

  4. ali shah says

    in CWM recovery mode…there is an option after “reboot system” out of 4 options; the second one, that says “install from sd card”
    1. It doesn’t give any option of “Install zip from SD Card”
    2. It shows folders..i can navigate to external_SD where is placed; However when i enter external_SD folder, it shows nothing in it to select

    Whats wrong?????

  5. ali shah says

    This is in addition to my prior post above
    Also when i boot in cwm recovery mode it shows following message
    #Manual Mode#
    — updating application…
    Copying contents.
    Successfully update application.
    –Applying Multi-CSC…
    Installing Multi-CSC
    can’t access to ‘/system/csc/BTU/system/’
    successfully applied multi-CSC

    Any suggestions??????

      • ali shah says

        yes; i can boot into CWM Mode (by pressing Volume Up + Home + Power Button)
        when it gets booted, it gives 4 options at the top of screen
        1. reboot system now
        2. apply update from sdcard
        3. wipe data/factory reset
        4. wipe cache partition

        That is uptill point 8 of your article. In point 9 you have mentioned ; select “install zip from sdcard” and select Now this is where the problem is. You can see from above mentioned 4 options nothing states “install zip from sdcard”. Also when navigate to external sd it can other folders in it but not (Please see my posting above in reply to your path comments)…So whats wrong???
        Now my understanding is that uptill point 8 i have successfully installed CWM Recovery but there is no such option as “install zip from update”. Plus the phone is not rooted yet as SU update has not been installed….Am i right????
        On another note what is the benefit of CWM Recovery here…as it gives no option of backup and restoration???
        Looking forward to your kind response.

  6. russel says

    im still waiting for your answer….

    when i turn it on my galaxy ace 2 its stock to Samsung Galaxy ace 2 then nothing happen please help me im confused….

  7. Bakr says

    I was in your shoes before but this link helped me out:
    hope it’ll help u.

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