How to Root LG G3

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So you’ve bought the LG G3 and need more customization? Try root out.



This method is for PC and compatible with these models :  AT&T LG G3 D850 w/ Build number 10D, T-Mobile LG G3 D851 w/ Build number 10C, Korean LG G3 F400L, F400S, F400K w/ Build number 10A or 10B, OPEN LG G3 D855 w/ Build number 10F or 10G, European LG G3 D855 w/ Build number 10A. This method is for Android Versions 4.4.2 And before you get into this you need SDK . If you need help on that go here.

Files Needed

Download Drivers and install

PurpleDrake Asset Files


1. Go to Settings > General > About Phone > Software Information tap build number until Developer Settings have been enabled

2. Hit the back button twice and you will see a new setting called Developer Options. Check USB Debugging. Plug your device into your computer. And when you’re phone asks to Allow USB Debugging.

3. Extract the PurpleDrake Asset Files. Open the folder. Click Shift + Left Click and select Open Command Window Here.

4. In the cmd type “adb reboot –bnr_recovery” and click enter to reboot to recovery

5 . Next “adb push start_restore /temp/start_restore” and click enter

6. Then type this “adb push permaroot.bin /temp/start_restore” and click enter

7. When that is finished type this “adb reboot” and click enter to reboot the device.

8. When your device has fully booted up go to the Play Store and install the the app “SuperSu” and update the binaries.

To check if root works download “Root Checker” and test if it is working right.


1. Go into the SuperSu app.

2. Go into the settings and select Full Unroot.

This will get updated for how to intall recovery.

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  1. nessim dayan says

    Sorry to mention but you forgot a step –
    plug the phone to the pc – at this moment on the notification area in the phone there will be 3 options on how to connect the phone to the pc – 1) as a media drive 2) mtp connection 3) ptp connection
    select ptp connection AND ONLY AFTER DOING THIS – OPENT THE COMMAND PROMPT and execute the line as requested
    the line in the command prompt will request from the phone that it reboots itself into recovery mode automatically and it is at this point you will have the options to upload the adb file after which you will reboot system and the rooting will have complete in proper fashion,
    unplug the cable and you are finished to verify root and install superuser

    your copy/paste from other sites is not quite appropriate when VERY IMPORTANT INSTRUCTIONS ARE LEFT OUT
    users wonder what did they do wrong when they fail time and again not of their own fault

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