How to Root HTC One on 4.4.2 KitKat

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One of the most popular phones of 2013, the HTC One (M7), has been updated to 4.4.2 KitKat. That may mean for some people that they have the latest version of Android on their phones. But for others it means a new root method is needed. Rooting the HTC One is pretty straight forward and similar to past root methods. Let’s get started.

Note: This method will may void your warranty and the Developer and I are not responsible for any unwanted outcomes. This method is for Windows. This method requires unlocking your bootloader so all data will be lost. I recommend backing up your files before starting.


For this method I recommend that you go install Android SDK and ADB. Go check out our tutorial on how to do so.

Download and install drivers.

Files Needed

HTC One Root Files


1. Go into Settings > Developer Options and enable USB Debugging

2. Now connect your HTC One to the computer and make sure you have installed the drivers. To do so go into Device Manager in the Control Panel and you should see something like My HTC or Android USB Device. If you don’t unplug and replug your device.

3. Go into Settings > Power and make sure fast boot is turned off.

4.  Now turn off your phone and hold volume down + power button to boot into the bootloader. Highlight fastboot is and click the power button to enter it. Make sure your phone is connected to your computer.

5. Now open up Command Prompt. Type in “fastboot oem get_identifier_token” and hit enter. Now you will see a bunch of random characters.

6. Right click and select mark. Now start at the first arrow in the token start line and continue to the last arrow in the token end line. Now right click and it will copy to your clipboard.

7. Now go to and register yourself there. Now go back to the home page and select unlock bootloader and hit get started.

8. Now in supported devices go all the way down to the end and select all other supported models and hit begin unlock bootloader. It’ll ask if you still wish to continue. Say yes. Check both of the things in Legal Terms. Now proceed to unlock instructions.

9.  Now since we did most of the instructions already keep on going until you see the box in which you will enter your device token. Inside the box paste the token. Now click submit.

7. Now go to the email in which you registered the account with. And in the email that was sent the unlock code file should be there. Download that to safe directory. Now copy it to the HTC One Root File Folder.

8. Close the previous command prompt if not already and open the HTC One Root File Folder. Now click shift + right click in the colder and open a command prompt there.

9. Inside the command prompt type “fastboot flash unlocktoken Unlock_code.bin”  hit enter and on your phone you should see it asking if you wish to unlock your bootloader.

10. Use the volume keys to navigate to yes and use the power key to select it.

11.  Your phone will boot up and be fully wiped. Go through the setup process.

12. Go enable USB Debugging and disable fast boot in the settings.

13.  Copy the supersu file from the HTC One Root File Folder to your HTC One.

14. Turn off your HTC One and enter into the bootloader.

15. Enter into fastboot. Now in the HTC One root file folder there are to twrp recoveries. One for all m7 except the sprint. And one for sprint alone. If you have a sprint m7 use openrecovery-twrp- file. If you have one that isn’t sprint use the other one.

16. If  the previous command prompt has been closed open another one inside the folder. Now type “fastboot flash recovery (exact name of recovery you want)”

17. Now type in “fastboot erase cache

18.  Now choose the bootloader selection and hit the power button to select. Now navigate to recovery and select it using the power button.

19. TWRP recovery will boot up. Now click install and find where you put the supersu file. And flash it. Now click reboot system.

Now you’re HTC One is rooted and you can use apps that require root and flash Custom ROM’s.

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