How to Root HTC One M8

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HTC has released the successor to the phenomenal HTC One, the HTC One M8 and already there are root methods available. If you’re looking for a root method you’ve come to the right place.


Note: This method works for all versions except the Verizon version. Since this requires unlocking the bootloader, all data will be lost. This may or may not void parts of your warranty, proceed at your own risk. The developer of this root method and me are  not responsible for any unwanted outcomes. This method only works for Windows.


1. Download and install One M8 All In One Toolkit.

2. Download Winrar if you don’t have a way of opening .rar files.


1. Make sure phone is charged above 50% to ensure that it doesn’t die during the process.

2. On the M8 go into Settings > Battery Manager > Turn off Fastboot.

3. Open the Toolkit. Click Download HTC Drivers and hit Go. Then click Okay.

4. Save the file and then run it.

5. Next click Register at HTCDev. Fill out the User Registration form.

6. Now go back to your device. Go into Settings > About  > Software Information > More then tap build number until Developer Options are enabled. Then go back into Settings > and enter Developer Options. Turn USB Debugging on.

7. Now plug your device into your computer via USB. Your phone should come up with a popup asking if it should allow the computer. Select always allow and hit okay.

8. Now go back to the toolkit and click Get Token ID.

9.  At this point your phone will now reboot into the bootloader. On your computer a second command prompt will come up. Close the first one.

10. Right click on the second one and click mark. Now highlight from the first arrow in the first row to the last arrow in the last row. Click control+C to copy it.

11. In the toolkit hit Submit Token ID. It will ask you to login to HTCDev. Use the account you had made in step 5.

12. Go to the Unlock Bootloader option and click get started.

13. Select your device from the drop down and click begin unlock bootloader.

14. Now proceed to the unlock instructions. Now go to step 7 since the rest has already been covered. Paste your device Token ID you copied earlier into the box. Now click submit.

15. Now go into the email that you registered HTCDev with and they should’ve sent you a file called Unlock code.bin. Download it.

16. In the toolkit click unlock bootloader. Now the file explorer will pop up. Navigate to the place you saved it and select it. Click Open and a Command Prompt will show up. Your device will then ask if you want to unlock your bootloader. Use your volume keys to navigate and power button to select yes.

17. Now your device will reboot and be fully wiped.

18. When you have finished setting up the phone go into settings and enable usb debugging again. See step 6 for help.

19.  Make sure your device is still plugged in. In the toolkit there are two recoveries. If you have a sprint device click the one for sprint if not click the one under it.

20. When you click okay your phone will reboot back into bootloader. When it does close the command prompt and a new one will open.

21. Now the device will boot up.

22. In the toolkit under the extras box select perm root and click run.

23. Close the first command prompt. The second one will boot your device into its recovery. On your device click the install button and look for the supersu zip. Now click install. When finished click reboot then system.

24. SuperSU should be installed on the device. Download Root Checker from the Playstore to check if root works.

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