How to Root and install Custom Recovery on the Xiaomi Mi3

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The Xiaomi Mi3. The phone that could. the phone that has taken on the venerable Moto g and dethroned it as the best Value for Money phone in the market today. Today we will learn how to root this beast of a phone and utilise it to it’s fullest potential.

The Spec Sheet

Why is everybody so upbeat for this phone? Because of it’s specs at an amazing price point. Still not convinced? Well take a look at them for yourself then

Technical Specifications

  • Processor: Snapdragon 800 2.3Ghz with Adreno 330 GPU
  • Screen: 5 inch IPS LCD Full HD 1920*1080 screen
  • Memory: 16GB Internal ROM & 2 GB RAM
  • Camera: Primary 13MP with 6 part lens Secondary 2MP both with 1080p recording
  • Battery: 3010mAh
  • Connectivity: Wifi a/b/g/n, WCDMA, Bluetooth 4.0, NFC

A few words before we begin. Although both root and unroot methods have been tested by me but still proceed with caution. If you end up bricking your phone it was probably your own fault not mine 

Root Method

Here I will show you both how to root and to unroot the Xiaomi Mi3. So here we go

Step 1

Download this file from here.

Step 2

Charge your phone to over 80%

Step 3

Put the downloaded file in the root i.e. the main folder of your sd card

Step 4

Go to Tools>Updater>Select Update package

Clicking on menu in the updater will bring up the “Select Updater package” option

Step 5

Select the file you just downloaded. Tap Update.

Step 6

Your phone will now reboot and update

Step 7

Go to the Securities app. Select Permission. Turn ON root permission.

Step 8


Xiaomi supports rooted devices for warranty too so go ahead root your phone.

If you ever need to unroot download this file and follow steps 2 to 6.

Custom Recovery

Here we will install CWM or clockwork mod recovery on the Mi3. Before we begin though, I’d like to point out a few special features of this CWM recovery.


  • install zip from sdcard or sideload into system1 or system2
  • backup system1 and system2 individual or together into one package
  • much choices of where you want to restore backups to
  • mount and format system1 or system2
  • fix permissions on system1 or system2
  • set bootmode to system1 or system2
  • automatically checks for on both systems and asks you if you want to delete them
  • TrueDualBoot

TrueDualBoot notes:

Enabling or disabling TDB will completely wipe your data-partition. Once enabled your data partition will be VIRTUALLY split which means that both systems together can use the full space of the data-partition.
There are some things which will break TDB:

  • everything which removes CWM(like Xiaomi Updater App’s live install)
  • ROM’s which don’t support (I did not see any ROM without support yet)

Steps To Install CWM

Step 1

Download CWM installer here.

Step 2

Use updater app -> select update package -> choose The  zip file  and press update.

Step 3

Booting Into ClockworkMod:

Launch Updater app, press options softkey and tap ‘Reboot into Recovery’.

Step 4

Hallelujah!!!!!!! You have a custom recovery

Alternate Method

1. Switch phone off, press and hold volume up button and press power button for several seconds. After screen Switches  on u can release the power button , but keep holding volume up key until recovery starts

2. Yet another way is to use “reboot recovery” command via Terminal Emulator or ADB.


[Volume UP] of swipe up for UP, [Volume DOWN] or swipe down for DOWN and [POWER] or swipe right for SELECT.  Swipe left for BACK.


First option in the CWM menu is REBOOT SYSTEM NOW. Select it to boot your system.

Enjoy ,Now You Have Successfully Installed CWM in Xiaomi mi3.

There you have it CWM and Root. If you have any questions or queries leave them in the comments below. Also if you have any Xiaomi Mi3 ROMS that you wish to hear a review of let me know about that too.

You can learn more about MIUI from this post.

Credit for True Dual Boot goes to MIUI forums.

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