How to Make your Galaxy S5 Look like the Galaxy S6

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I’m sure many of you have been getting green with envy looking at the slick new look of Touchwiz the latest S6 has got. Maybe you want to put some of that look on your own S5 as well! Well if you do, then we are here to help you out with exactly that. So first off let me start with a disclaimer! This ROM is only for the Snapdragon Version of the Galaxy S6. Still if you feel unsure, check out the compatibility list that has been included at the bottom of the article. With that done and out of the way, let’s move on! We have a ROM to flash!


Pre Requisites

  • You phone must be rooted.
  • You must have the latest custom recovery installed. The lastest version TWRP ( or Philz CWM is recommended.
  • Your phone must have over 80% charge.

This ROM is based on the S6 Edge firmware and comes Rooted, Deodexed, Zipaligned and Deknoxed with Busybox support. This ROM is also available in multiple languages. So let’s get started!



Installation instructions coming from a different ROM

Step 1

Download the appropriate ROM  and move them to the SD Card.

Step 2

Boot into your custom recovery. Press and hold “Volume Up key” + “Home button” + “Power button” together for a dew seconds.

Step 3

Back up any and all important data including your current ROM.

Step 4

Do a clean Wipe of Data, Cache and also Dalvik Cache.

Step 5

Flash the system.

Step 6

Navigate to the SD card and install the zip file of the ROM

Step 7

Wipe Dalvik Cache (for good measure).

Step 8

Reboot Device.

Dirty Flash/Update instructions

Step 1

Download the appropriate ROM.

Step 2

Wipe Dalvik Cache.

Step 3

Install the update zip from recovery.

Step 4

Wipe Dalvik Cache again, just to be safe.

Step 5

Reboot Device.

And you’re done!! Do keep in mind though that this is the first version and although relatively stable a few bugs maybe present! Click on this link and check periodically for more updates and if there are any please do mention in the comment section below so we can update the ROM link with it.


  • FingerPrint Sensor not working.
  • Play button is black in S Music app.
  • Lockscreen delay of up to 5 sec (on effects other than: Popping Colors, Ripple, Skipping Stones, None and Brilliant Cut )
  • Auto Brightness sometimes activates by itself.
  • World Clock FC.

Supported devices:













N900S, N900K, N900L (HLTESKT)


We will lease you now, with a few screenshots of this ROM. Do check it out and tell us how you liked it in the comments below!


Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-51-20 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-51-27 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-51-31 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-51-48 Screenshot_2015-04-28-13-31-36 Screenshot_2015-04-28-13-31-45 Screenshot_2015-04-28-13-31-54 Screenshot_2015-04-28-13-32-02 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-47-34 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-47-42 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-48-08 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-48-13 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-48-20 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-48-25 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-48-31 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-48-43 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-49-03 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-49-41 Screenshot_2015-04-28-08-51-00

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