How to Install the One Plus One Lockscreen on any CM11 Device

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A few months back, the One Plus One was unveiled to all.

This phone runs a version of CyanogenMod 11 known as 11S. The reason it is called 11S is because it’s like 11 but it’s more optimized and comes with special features like quick boot, toggling between hardware and software keys and many others. The lock screen is also really nice for those who want it minimal.

It does have lock screen widgets but it has lock screen music, a camera shortcut and you can also lock it with face unlock, pattern and pin. In this tutorial I’ll show you how to install this lock screen on almost any device running CM11.

This works perfectly on CM11 and it may work on CM11 based ROMs too but I cannot guarantee success on CM based ROMs. Also it works well on XXHDPI and XHDPI but you may encounter some layout issues on HDPI devices.

Like the music widget is a bit high and the equaliser animation isn’t exactly like it should be. The lockscreen is still functional nevertheless.


Therefore prerequisites for this are:

  1. A device running CM11 (has to be a recent version of CM11)
  2. A root explorer (I used the stock CyanogenMod file manager)


Firstly download the 11S lock screen apk:

Next place the apk in /system/priv-app. You can delete the stock lock screen if you don’t want it but you’ll be able to choose between the two if you don’t delete it. After you’ve placed it in there set permissions to RW-R-R.


After doing so reboot. Play around with the lock screen. Music works on it also. Notice the equaliser effects. It’s a pretty neat addition.


If you want to keep the lock screen you’ll have to edit a backup script.

These can be found in /system/add-on.

My script of choice was the backup script for gapps, I opened it with the CM file manager.

I  then added “priv-app/CMKeyguard” to the section that says list files.  Basically the first section you see in the script. This should prevent it from being deleted when you update.

Screenshot (03_13PM, Jul 07, 2014)

When updating the lock screen should stay in place for as long as you leave those lines in place. If you want to delete the lock screen just remove those lines and delete the lock screen apk.

If you have any questions do tell me in the comments below.

Source and huge thanks to: XDA

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