How to Install the 777 Kernel on the LG G3

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Today we have one more kernel for you guys to enjoy and this time the device is the LG G3. The first phone to come with the 2k Display, the LG G3 is plagued by its own share of problems. From the processor being unable to handle the large number of pixels that it has to push to dismal battery life, the G3 though revolutionary in it’s approach fails to deliver flagship performance. however we are here to remedy that. So if you’re on an AOSP based Lollipop ROM and you have a LG G3, strap in because you’re going for one hell of a ride!


Linux 3.4.106
Built with latest SaberMod 4.9.3 Toolchain
Powersuspend 1.6 by @faux123
Intelliplug from @faux123
IntelliMM from @faux123

Added GPU Governors: msm-adreno-tz, performance, simple_ondemand

OC to 2.7Ghz and CPU Limiter by @Tectas
GPU: OC to 657MHz, Idle on 27MHz and add 100MHz Step
Added Kexec Hardboot Patch (MultiROM support)
Voltage Control Support
FauxSound App Support
2-Way Call Recording Support
Live userspace sharpening control from @savoca
KCAL_CTRL RGB driver (replaces LCD_KCAL)
Dynamic FSync
exFAT-nofuse filesystem support

Pre requisites

  • Your LG G3 must be rooted with it’s boot loader unlocked.
  • You must have a custom recovery installed, like TWRP or CWM.
  • You must have a custom ROM like CyanogenMod 12 installed. For more on that head on over to this thread.
  • Your phone must be charged over 80%.
  • Some common sense and ability to follow instructions!


With that done, let’s get this show on the road.

Step 1

Boot into recovery mode.

To do this:

  • Switch off device
  • Press and hold the power and volume down button together
  • When the LG boot animation shows up release for just a second and again hold on
  • You’ll be greeted with the factory data reset screen.
  • Do not fear, if you have a custom recovery installed you’ll not have your data deleted
  • press the power button 3 times
  • PROFIT!!

Step 2

Backup your current ROM from your custom recovery.

Step 3

Do a complete wipe, data and cache.

Step 4

Navigate to your SD Card and select the kernel zip file. Flash the kernel (For your convenience we advise that you keep the zip file at the root of your SD card)

Step 5

Reboot. The first boot will take longer than others so don’t panic.

Congratulations you have successfully installed the kernel on your device


How do I enable sweep2sleep?
Enable in TricksterMod, or
Execute the following command:

echo 1 > /sys/android_touch/sweep2wake

This kernel does not support sweep2wake, only sweep2sleep.

We hope you enjoy the kernel on your G3 guys. And if you have any questions comments or enquiries about this kernel leave them in the comments down below

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