How To Install KitKat On Xiaomi Redmi 1S

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Xiaomi, now the 3rd largest manufacturer of smartphones in the world has created quite a furor in the Indian market with both it’s flagship speced Mi3 and the Xiaomi Redmi 1S. Priced at Rs 5.999 the only thing that holds this powerhouse back from full performance capabilities is MIUI. Though we have discussed the various subtleties of MIUI in this article, today we’re going to talk about a very different ROM for our Redmi 1S. Today we will be putting Cyanogen Mod on the Redmmi 1S and after the break we will see what we need.

Pre Requisites:

  • Rooted Redmi 1S
  • TWRP Recovery installed

If you want to know how to root and install a custom recovery on the Redmi 1S click this link.


A little word about the GAPP s package. We understand that for many of you are new, and this maybe the first time that you’re downloading GAPPS and we would suggest you to go with the Google Stock Package.

Now that we have all the downloads, let’s get to it.

Step 1

Press the volume up and power buttons simultaneously till the TWRP recovery screen shows up. Take a backup of your current ROM. This backup is very important if anything ever goes wrong.

Screenshot_2014-10-30-15-12-23 Screenshot_2014-10-30-15-13-18

Step 2

Go to the install option and navigate to the folder containing the ROM. Install the ROM.


Step 3

Go to the Wipe option and perform the basic wipe.


Step 4

Install the GAPP-s package.


Step 5

Perform another wipe. Reboot into system.


The first boot may take some time around 10 minutes. Do not panic this is normal. Let it boot and enjoy the wonderful Cyanogen Mod with the sweet taste of Kitkat.

How do you like this ROM? Leave your comments and questions doen below. Also if you want me to test out any other ROm for the Xiaomi Redmi 1s, sound off below.

We’ll leave you with a few screenshots of the ROM.


Screenshot_2014-10-30-15-52-28 Screenshot_2014-10-30-15-52-36 Screenshot_2014-10-30-15-52-40 Screenshot_2014-10-30-15-52-46 Screenshot_2014-10-30-15-53-02 Screenshot_2014-10-30-15-53-14 Screenshot_2014-10-30-15-53-28

Screenshot_2014-09-23-19-46-52 Screenshot_2014-09-23-19-46-57 Screenshot_2014-09-25-18-30-21

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  1. Bharat says

    Hi Amartya , landed here through our gogi’s blog.
    A question for you (i posted in gogi’s site but still didn’t got the answer)
    My Redmi 1s just got delivered , & currently I am using it, Frankly speaking I didn’t liked it because its speaker volume is TOO LOW , its too low & spoils the handset.
    Gogi, also didn’t told us about this issue, SHOULD I REPLACE THE HANDSET ? I am using moto g also & despite having small screen in moto, Redmi 1s feels like a RAT In front of moto g because of Too low sound.
    For your idea that how is the sound quality of both devices I am giving my ratings For SPEAKER department only :-
    Moto G – 9/10
    Redmi 1s – 3/10
    *** amartya Do you feel the same about its sound quality & your speaker is also like mine ? if you have to rate it in speaker quality what you give out of ten ?

    • Amartya says

      The speaker is really quite pathetic, but as I use ut as a secondaru phone I don’t mind it that much. I would give it a 4 out of 10 too

      • says

        Okay , thanks Amartya , I was thinking of replacing it but as you are also facing the same then I think all redmi’s are same , man am really frustrated I bought zenfone 4 two months ago & returned it to Flipkart for low sound (Flipkart don’t give refund/exchange ,I only know how I returned it & got refund after 1 month).
        and to my surprise Redmi 1s sound is even worse than Asus zenfone 4.
        My dad is using the Redmi & he hate it because of sound , now Flipkart will not give me refund / exchange . really frustrated

  2. Rishi says

    Dude which is good ROM for Redmi 1s ? I am looking for good ROM in these departments –
    Look, performance, battery ,Heating,stable,Free Ram.

    • Amartya says

      I’ve been using CM for the past 3 months and it’s been great.
      Battery though is something you’ll have to tweak

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