How to Install ElementalX Kernel for the HTC One M8

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Today we bring to you the best Kernel that I have found for the HTC M8 with tons of customisations and features that make this a performance beast that can also be a battery sipper as per your requirements. However this is a very advance kernel so be careful while playing with it as some of the features like under volting can do permanent hardware damage to the device.



Easy installation with Aroma installer


gboost for enhanced gaming performance

Choose voltage profile in installer

Full user voltage control (Warning: This is very dangerous)

Underclock CPU or GPU

i/o schedulers: FIOPS, SIO, CFQ, NOOP, ROW, BFQ, deadline

Optional sweep2sleep

Optional custom wake gestures (no motion required!)

Optional pocket detection (with custom wake gestures)

Option to disable volume button wakes camera (with custom wake gestures)

High Definition Audio capability

Optional USB fastcharge

Option to reduce vibration strength

Remove /system write protection

NTFS r/w, CIFS, exFAT support

Option to disable fsync

Option to disable magnetic cover

/dev/frandom support

Multirom support

Color and gamma control

DriveDroid support

Optimized -O3 linaro 4.9.1



Pre requisites

  • Your HTC M8 must be rooted with it’s boot loader unlocked.
  • You must have a custom recovery installed, like TWRP or CWM.
  • You must have a custom ROM based on stock sense or GPE Edition of the M8 installed. For more on that head on over to this thread.
  • Your phone must be charged over 80%.
  • Some common sense and ability to follow instructions!


With that done, let’s get this show on the road.

Step 1

Boot into recovery mode. Hold down power button and volume down at the same time to get into recovery.

Step 2

Backup your current ROM from your custom recovery.

Step 3

Do a complete wipe, data and cache.

Step 4

Navigate to your SD Card and select the kernel zip file. Flash the kernel (For your convenience we advise that you keep the zip file at the root of your SD card)

Step 5

The Aroma Installer will take over. Select options as per your preference. If you’re doing this for the first time leave the defaults on.

Step 6

Reboot. The first boot will take longer than others so don’t panic.

Congratulations you have successfully installed the kernel on your device.


Screen turned black during Kernel installation

It is recommended to disable or increase the screen timeout in TWRP recovery. If the screen timeout is enabled in TWRP, there may be a black screen after exiting the Aroma installer. This is nothing to worry about. Simply hold power and volume down until it reboots. The installation will be fine.

Hope you guys enjoyed this new kernel, we will be back tomorrow with a more detailed post on how to get the most out of this kernel on the M8. For any comments, questions and queries leave a line down below.

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