How to install Developer Edition MIUI ROM on the Xiaomi Mi Pad

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Xiaomi the hardware OEM from China that has taken the mobile industry by storm, has launched it’s firstr foray into the tablet space, the Xiaomi Mi Pad, here in India. Now typical of all Mi products, the Mi Pad comes with their own version of android on board. MIUI as Xiaomi calls it, is available mainly in two versions. A Stable ROM that is perfect for the average user and a Developer ROM that is for those who want to stay on the bleeding edge of tech and don’t mind a few software hiccups here and there. Today we will be installing the Developer Edition of Xiaomi’s MIUI 6 for tablets on the Mi Pad. It’s a bit tedious so without further ado, let’s jump right into it!



  • Mi Pad with Stock MI-Recovery


  • You can download the latest version of the developer ROM from here.

Note: We suggest downloading via a PC connection as downloads on phone are often corrupted in our experience!

Step 1

Rename the downloaded file to (mind the lower case, not ‘’)

Copy the file to the root folder of the internal storage (‘Computer\MI PAD\Internal storage’ in case of a USB connection to a computer, not the root folder of your SD Card) like shown here:

Step 2

Boot into MI-Recovery. To do so:

  • long press the Power key and select & confirm Reboot
  • immediately after the white turning circle disappears press the Volume Up key and keep it pressed
  • your Mi Pad will boot and show the MI logo, you can now release the key
  • the MI-Recovery will be shown, you navigate using the Volume keys and select with the Power key

Step 2

In the MI-Recovery navigate to ‘English‘ and select the menu entry

Step 3

Select‘Install to System One‘ and confirm with YES. During update the progress bar is increasing, don’t get afraid if it gets stuck a little longer at 98%

Step 4

After you got the green ‘Update complete!‘ message select Back

Step 5

Select and confirm ‘Reboot‘, in the next menu select ‘Reboot to System One (latest)

Step 6

After the reboot check in Settings -> About tablet that you have the MIUI version which you had downloaded

Step 7

Enjoy your Mi Pad with a Developer ROM!!!


Optional step:

After step 5 from above you can choose Wipe & Reset from the MI-Recovery main menu if you want to delete your User Data and set up the MIUI ROM from start.

Congratulations you now have the very best that MIUI has to offer installed right here on your tablet. Do remember a few things though, installing the developer edition is essential if you want to root the device. Also since the developer edition is the Chinese version of the ROM, there is no Playstore included in this one.

But fear not, for we will guide you through the various steps of installing Playstore and also getting root in our next article on the Mi Pad. Till then it’s goodbye and as always, if you have any comments or queries leave them in the box down below!

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