How to install CWM recovery to the Xiaomi Mi Pad

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In my previous articles I had explained to you guys how you can root the Xiaomi Mi Pad how you can install the developer version of MIUI on it (Click here for the article). So what does one do after rooting their device? Install a custom recovery of course! So here we are with an article on how to do just that! Hop on, it’s going to be one fast ride!


Pre requisites

  • Developer options enabled (in Settings -> About tablet tap 5 times on MIUI version)
  • USB debugging enabled in Settings -> Additional Settings -> Developer option.
  • Your Mi Pad must be charged to over 80%.
  • You must have access to a PC and USB cable.


  • Download file from here. You need to sign in to download the file.
  • ADB drivers for the Mi pad must be installed. You can install them from here.

Permanent installation of CWM recovery from PC via fastboot

Step 1

Boot your Mi Pad into fastboot mode: with the tablet switched off press the Volume DOWN and POWERbuttons at the same time

Step 2

Connect your Mi Pad to PC via USB cable

Step 3

Download the file to your PC and extract it to the folder where fastboot.exe is located

Step 4

Open a command prompt in the directory where fastboot.exe is located

Step 5

Enter the following in the command prompt to install CWM recovery permanently

fastboot flash recovery New_CWM_recovery.img

Step 6

After successfully flashing of the recovery enter the following command to reboot your Mi Pad

fastboot reboot

Step 7

Congratulations! You’re done.

Permanent installation of  CWM Recovery via the Mi Recovery

Step 1

Download the file to your PC (because download via browser on phone sometimes is not working properly)

Step 2

Connect your Mi Pad via USB to PC

Step 3

Copy the file to the folder ‘Computer\MI PAD\Internal storage’ (root folder of internal storage)

Step 4

Disconnect your Mi Pad properly from USB.

Step 5

Launch the Updater app, from the menu choose ‘Select update package’ and from Internal storage select the file

Step 6

Your recovery will now get updated and when finished you need to confirm to reboot

Step 7

For checking after the reboot you can now reboot into CWM recovery by starting the Updater app again and choosing from the menu ‘Reboot to Recovery mode’

Step 8

Enjoy CWM recovery!!!


Will I loose my data if I install this?

Yes, you will! Please mind that the activation of True Dual Boot will erase your data partition without notice, i.e. all your installed apps and settings will get lost. Do not forget to make a full backup before activating True Dual Boot and to restore (all or just a part of it) afterwards.

Will I receive OTA’s for the system partition running MIUI after this?

When activating True Dual Boot the regular OTA update will not work any longer, you need to revert to stock recovery for this.

If you have any questions or queries regarding the Mi Pad, leave a comment down below! Also check this article out if you’re looking for Custom ROMs for the Mi Pad!

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