How to Install Android ADB Drivers on Windows and Mac Easily

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So I have heard a lot about problems and issues faced by people when installed the Android ADB Drivers On PC. Installing Android ADB Drivers are very essential when you are onto develop, root, flash or do any thing that needs to connect to your internal system of your android. For this need i came up with a very nice post for installing the Drivers on your PC.

The process will not take more than 3 minutes once you have downloaded the required 20mb file. The process will work on both the Windows and Mac OS. Most people use Android SDK to install ADB Drivers, but as Android SDK has a very large size so we have moved to this ADB Drivers process so that we can do this in a few seconds and also without any issues. fa Also you might have been searching for this post that will allow you to intall the Android ADB Drivers on your PC so just Go on and read the Steps to do it.

Downloads Required to Install Android ADB Drivers on Mac and Windows OS

There are a few downloads that you need to have to install the Android ADB Drivers on your PC and that too irrespective of what OS are you using.

  • Download ADB from the official website .

Make sure for windows user you need to be specific about what bit version of the software you need. so choose between the 32 and the 64 bit variant.

How to Install Android ADB Drivers on Windows and Mac Easily

Follow the Steps below to know How to Install Android ADB Drivers on Windows and Mac Easily. This is a very easy task and when doing this you need not be very careful as it is just another software install. Here we go with the process with nice and very informative screenshots.

  • Make sure you have downloaded the right version for your 32 bit and 64 bit PC variant accordingly.
  • Now after downloading the PadNet You can start installing it by double clicking on it.
  • Now when doing this the install will ask you about the manufacturer. so choose the manufacturer you want to connect your Phone to. padnet1
  • Now you will see a windows security warning to allow the OS to install the drivers, so click on the “Install the Driver Software anyway”. Padnet+windows1
  • Now its time you need to connect your Device to your PC. If you have already connected your device to your PC then you should disconnect and again connect the device.
  • Also make sure you have set USB Debugging as ON and also Unknown sources as ON.
  • Now when you see a Warning Popup then you should click on the “Install Button” padnet+warning
  • After click on the installation button, the next screen you will see is 4
  • That’s it Now you have actually done with the installation process So just click on the Finish Button to complete the process.
  • Eureka !

Now you have Installed the ADB Drivers for your device on your PC. and that was very simple as it actually felt like. Comments are all welcome if you have any issue or problem while implementing this Procedure.

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