How to Install Android 5.1 Lollipop on Xiaomi Mi4/Mi3

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The Xiaomi flagship boasts some state of the art firepower inside the hood along with an ample 3 GB of RAM while with 2 GB of RAM on board, the former flagship was neither a slouch. However, it’s the heavily skinned MIUI that takes up a lot of these resources to provide that buttery smooth user experience. Talking about how heavy that beautiful thing goes over the RAM, if you are of a heavy multitasker kind of a person, you might be looking for some Vanilla treatment for your Xiaomi Mi4/Mi3.


When you’ve got so much of firepower under the hood, you hardly get anything to worry about in terms of running the latest of software. MIUI developer Ivan has done it a lot of times in the past and he does it yet again. Ivan has managed to successfully port Android 5.1 Lollipop for the Cancro family of devices. Therefore, this will work on both the Mi4 as well as the Mi3, spare the CDMA Mi4 4G.

Here are a couple of screenshots for you:

194959lmvp5vdgdzo1dor6.png.thumb 195010kj5kibejwe8h5w7k.png.thumb

Done with all the talking, let us begin with the flashing process.


  • You must have a custom recovery installed on your Xiaomi Mi 3. You can find a detailed guide for it from here.
  • You also need to have a Custom recovery for your Mi 4. This article will help you with that.


  1. Make sure you have backed up all the data and have a custom recovery ready on your device that’ll be required to complete the flashing process.
  2. Download the ROM file(You must have a Xiaomi account in order to view links!) and Gapps Zip files and put them in the root folder of your phone’s memory.
  3. Boot your phone up into recovery using Vol Up+Power Buttons.
  4. In the recovery mode you can navigate using the Volume keys and use the power key to select.
  5. Now in the recovery mode, wipe all the data/ Do a factory reset for a clean installation
  6. Now navigate to “Install zip from sd card” using the Volume keys and do  the selection by pressing the power key.
  7. Select the ROM zip file that you downloaded in the step #2 and proceed to flash it by selecting “Yes” on the follow up screen.
  8. Flash the Gapps zip file in a similar fashion(You’ll need the Gapps file to be flashed in order to bring up all the major Google services on your fresh installation).
  9. Done with flashing both the files, clear the cache and proceed for a Reboot.

On the follow up screen, you might be asked if you want to retain the root access to your phone. Select Yes/No based on your preferences.

Note that the first boot might take a bit longer than usual as the phone does it’s part for finalizing the installation components. Once you’re done with the boot, you’ll land up on the Android 5.1 Welcome screen. Get your phone suited for your personal stuff and Voila! You’re home.

In case you missed out on any of the steps above or got into a mismanagement with the sequence of the steps or stuck into a bootloop, revert back and start up from the scratch. For further help, drop us a word in the comments section.

If you would like to check out other ROMs for these two devices, you may find Cyanogen Mod for the Mi 3, Cyanogen Mod for the Mi 4 and AOSP Lollipop for the Mi 3 to be of particular interest.

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  1. R Sriram says

    Sir i have a small problem.. i have rooted and installed CWm.. When i try to install the rom it says the rar has been either corrupted or has not been signed.. I have checked thoroughly.. It hasnt been corrupted..It says the file is not signed so the installation gets aborted..Help me here.. Thank You

  2. Eugene says

    Same here… When trying to install i get “Installation aborted” message…and now I’m kinda stucked as I cannot access internal storage and copy another rom… When trying to restore from backup the phone gets stucked at startup screen for hours… Talking about Mi4

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